What's the best type of tire for your SUV or Pickup truck? HT, AT and MT compared and tested

Ever wondered what the best type of tire is to fit to your pickup truck? We can probably all agree that MT tyres look the coolest, but what drawbacks are you making by fitting an M/T tyre, then spending all your time on normal roads?

In this test, I team up with General Tire to test a HT road tire, a mild all terrain tire, an aggressive AT tire, and of course a chunky MT tire in both 265/70 R17 and LT315/70 R17 sizes.

As for what tyres are best for your own driving conditions? Watch the video to find out.

All the data is below. Please note the "Reference Mud Terrain" tyre is the LT315/70 R17 GRABBER X3



Off Road







General Grabber HTS601st: General Grabber HTS60
  1. Wet Braking: 1st (+0M)
  2. Dry Braking: 1st (+0M)
  3. Wet Handling: 1st (+0s)
  4. Dry Handling: 2nd (+0.14s)
  5. Rolling Resistance: 1st (+0kg / t)
  6. Straight Aqua: 3rd (+-16Km/H)
  7. Gravel Handling: 3rd (+-105.1Km/H)
  8. Subj. Dry Handling: 1st (+0Points)
  9. Subj. Wet Handling: 1st (+0Points)
  10. Subj. Comfort: 1st (+0Points)
  11. Tyre Weight: 1st (+0Kg)
  12. Dirt Handling: 4th (+0.93s)
  13. Subj. Dirt Handling: 3rd (+-1Points)
  14. Subj. Gravel Handling: 5th (+-2Points)
  15. Mud Performance: 4th (+-99Percent)
  16. Gravel Handling: 5th (+1.98s)
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General Grabber APT2nd: General Grabber APT
  1. Wet Braking: 3rd (+4.9M)
  2. Dry Braking: 2nd (+1.9M)
  3. Wet Handling: 2nd (+3s)
  4. Dry Handling: 1st (+0s)
  5. Rolling Resistance: 2nd (+0.9kg / t)
  6. Straight Aqua: 2nd (+-12.2Km/H)
  7. Gravel Handling: 2nd (+-105.1Km/H)
  8. Subj. Dry Handling: 2nd (+-0.2Points)
  9. Subj. Wet Handling: 2nd (+-1Points)
  10. Subj. Comfort: 2nd (+-0.2Points)
  11. Tyre Weight: 3rd (+3Kg)
  12. Dirt Handling: 3rd (+0.31s)
  13. Subj. Dirt Handling: 2nd (+-0.5Points)
  14. Subj. Gravel Handling: 4th (+-0.8Points)
  15. Mud Performance: 3rd (+-80Percent)
  16. Gravel Handling: 4th (+1.46s)
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General Grabber ATx3rd: General Grabber ATx
  1. Wet Braking: 5th (+6.4M)
  2. Dry Braking: 4th (+2.5M)
  3. Wet Handling: 3rd (+3.7s)
  4. Dry Handling: 3rd (+1.48s)
  5. Rolling Resistance: 3rd (+1.3kg / t)
  6. Straight Aqua: 4th (+-19Km/H)
  7. Gravel Handling: 4th (+-105.1Km/H)
  8. Subj. Dry Handling: 3rd (+-2Points)
  9. Subj. Wet Handling: 3rd (+-1.5Points)
  10. Subj. Comfort: 3rd (+-1Points)
  11. Tyre Weight: 2nd (+2.5Kg)
  12. Dirt Handling: 1st (+0s)
  13. Subj. Dirt Handling: 1st (+0Points)
  14. Subj. Gravel Handling: 3rd (+-0.2Points)
  15. Mud Performance: 2nd (+-50Percent)
  16. Gravel Handling: 3rd (+0.32s)
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General Grabber X34th: General Grabber X3
  1. Wet Braking: 4th (+5.7M)
  2. Dry Braking: 3rd (+2.1M)
  3. Wet Handling: 5th (+4.4s)
  4. Dry Handling: 5th (+2.79s)
  5. Rolling Resistance: 4th (+2.5kg / t)
  6. Straight Aqua: 1st (+0Km/H)
  7. Gravel Handling: 1st (+-105.1Km/H)
  8. Subj. Dry Handling: 5th (+-2.8Points)
  9. Subj. Wet Handling: 4th (+-2Points)
  10. Subj. Comfort: 4th (+-1.5Points)
  11. Tyre Weight: 4th (+31.6Kg)
  12. Dirt Handling: 5th (+1.52s)
  13. Subj. Dirt Handling: 5th (+-2.5Points)
  14. Subj. Gravel Handling: 1st (+0Points)
  15. Mud Performance: 1st (+0Percent)
  16. Gravel Handling: 2nd (+0.12s)
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Reference MT Mud Terrain5th: Reference MT Mud Terrain
  1. Wet Braking: 2nd (+3.7M)
  2. Dry Braking: 2nd (+-46M)
  3. Wet Handling: 4th (+3.8s)
  4. Dry Handling: 4th (+1.66s)
  5. Rolling Resistance: 5th (+3kg / t)
  6. Straight Aqua: 5th (+-105.1Km/H)
  7. Gravel Handling: 5th (+-105.1Km/H)
  8. Subj. Dry Handling: 4th (+-2.1Points)
  9. Subj. Wet Handling: 4th (+-2Points)
  10. Subj. Comfort: 5th (+-2Points)
  11. Tyre Weight: 5th (+63.8Kg)
  12. Dirt Handling: 2nd (+0.13s)
  13. Subj. Dirt Handling: 4th (+-2Points)
  14. Subj. Gravel Handling: 1st (+0Points)
  15. Mud Performance: 1st (+-199Percent)
  16. Gravel Handling: 1st (+0s)
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