Continental Eco Contact 5

Dry Grip 77%
Wet Grip 72%
Road Feedback 74%
Progressiveness 75%
Wear 81%
Comfort 68%
Buy again 73%
Continental Eco Contact 5

The Continental Eco Contact 5 is a Premium Touring Summer tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Cars.

This tyre replaced the Continental Eco Contact 3

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Tyre review data from 19 tyre reviews averaging 74% over 75,353 miles driven.


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Continental Eco Contact 5 Reviews

Given 42% (breakdown) while driving a Renault Clio IV Sport Tourer 1.5 DCI (195-55-16-) on a combination of roads for 7,000 easy going miles
Never had a good Continental tyre and these are noy better...

Honest in dry conditions.

Average everydad tyre and dangerous on the wet/rain.

tyre reviewed on October 12, 2015   
Given 39% (breakdown) while driving a Vauxhall (225-45-17-) on mostly town for 500 easy going miles
Just bought a new vauxhall corsa with these tyres fitted as standard.They are very,very noisy,on any road surface,will be changing them shortly for michelin energy tyres,maybe I can hear the wireless then.
tyre reviewed on October 2, 2015   
Given 30% (breakdown) while driving a Vauxhall (225-50-17-) on a combination of roads for 5,000 average miles
My first ever so called eco tyre. I have four on my Astra J, size 225/50 17. They are OK in the dry. Average/poor in the wet. Very easy to reach their limitations on a wet road. I'm very disappointed with their wet performance. Worst so called premium tyre, I've ever owned. I've had better wet performance from a budget tyre. An expensive waste of money. One to avoid. Not up to conti's usual standards.
tyre reviewed on September 4, 2015   
Given 51% (breakdown) while driving a Renault Clio IV TCe 90 (225-45-17-) on mostly town for 14,000 average miles
I have these tyres on my Renault Clio TCe 90 as OEM factory fitted tyres. During the first 4-6 months, they were 'ok' but soon after, these tyres became the most uncomfortable, rigid, noisy bumpy tyres I've had. And this is a situation of history repeating itself. Had the EcoContact 3 on my previous Renault Twingo and same thing happened. They are so uncomfortable, so unsettling, so rough and noisy that you will not believe that all this is coming from the tyres. Once, I had a bearing hum noise coming from the rear and I was 100% sure that it was the rear bearing since it had all the properties of a defected bearing (increase with speed, more on turns etc..) Went to my mechanic, almost ready to buy the wheel bearing when all of a sudden, he told me that surely it's not a bearing since the wheel free rotation was perfect. Changed the tyre with the spare wheel and the noise vanished! Incredible! Replaced my front tyres with brand new Goodyear Duragrip (which are relatively cheap to buy) and was astonished with the EXCELLENT comfort, grip, quietness and precision! And they lasted with such good characteristics for, at least 5 years!

On my new Clio, 1 year on, exactly the same problems. Will be replacing them with Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance in the coming future. Continental are disastrous. I can't understand why Renault have been fitting them as OEM tyres for all these years!
tyre reviewed on July 5, 2015   
Given 20% (breakdown) while driving a Fiat Panda (175-65-14-T) on a combination of roads for 1,000 average miles
EcoContact5 are bad tyres: noisy inside the car on all surfaces while moving at any speed above walking pace; some surfaces are louder than others but they are never quiet, even on smooth fresh tarmac. They also lurch the car sideways if you hit unavoidable surface grooves or a series of ruts at high speed. When you need to track straight, it's tricky to keep even a narrow car like the Panda in lane, because you never know whether it's going to lurch right or left. Traction and braking on wet or dry roads are not great either: an abrupt halt required ABS on dry concrete to avoid running through a hidden Stop sign. Even the low-powered Fiat loses FWD traction too easily while trying to head uphill on wet tarmac.

The only improvement Continental have made with the EcoContact5 tyres is that they do steer the car around corners better than the previous generation EcoContact3, which would just plough diagonally. Better-gripping and quieter tyres are surely available to replace these on your car, which were probably installed at the factory by the vehicle maker.
tyre reviewed on April 27, 2015   
Given 70% (breakdown) while driving a Honda FRV (205-55-16-V) on mostly town for 0 easy going miles
Very weak on sides. I replaced them twice.Sometimes rolling when starting drive.
tyre reviewed on March 15, 2015   
Given 95% (breakdown) while driving a Alfa Romeo (185-60-14-H) on a combination of roads for 840 average miles
The first 1,350 km (840 miles) have been done with the brand new Eco Contact 5s, so these are my first impressions.

The dry grip is perfect. To such an extent that I was amazed at the speeds I could turn in without any signs of understeer (FWD car).

Wet Grip: Definitely better than my previous Eco Contact 3s, more than sufficient, again much higher cornering speeds than before. Also, no aquaplaning whatsoever.

Road Feedback: Excellent for my taste - a sporty car needs good feedback, and that's exactly what these tires do almost perfectly really. You always now what the tire is doing.

Progressiveness: Again almost excellent, when pushed to the limit the tires provide early warning of understeer.

I won't comment on wear yet since it's too early.

Comfort: Brilliant. Very quiet tires, they only pick a tiny bit of noise occasionally on truly rotten road surfaces (of which there are many in Greece). On motorways at 130 km/h for instance, they are much quieter than the Eco Contact 3s I had before.

Overall, up to now I would definitely buy those again, that's for sure. Very satisfied, great all-rounders.
tyre reviewed on November 18, 2014   
Given 87% (breakdown) while driving a Ford Mondeo (205-55-16-V) on a combination of roads for 22,000 average miles
Bought these tyres after running a softer compound tyre of a different make, swapped to this make after problems with vibration from the softer tyres. Dry braking was slightly worse, but not enough to be a problem. Grip when pushed was also slightly worse, but again, acceptable. However wet grip, wear and comfort all very good. The best aspect for me is that the tyres wear evenly across the width compared to others I have had and they drive the same after 22000 miles / 35000 km and 18 months. They pick up a bit more noise on rough surfaces, but not too much that it bothers me. Overall slight improvement in fuel economy vs older softer tyres.
tyre reviewed on August 1, 2014   
Given 100% (breakdown) while driving a Fiat 500 Abarth (195-45-16-) on mostly country roads for 9 spirited miles
Originally I was skeptical about fitting Eco tires on my car, but I decided to get on with the suggestion from many friends. So, last year I got 4 brand new Eco Contact 5s and just waited to see the results.

These tires are exceptional, my 500 Abarth is gripping and gripping in both wet and dry roads. The tires are 16 months old and they still have 4mm thread rear and 3,5mm front - which I think is remarkable, given my abusive driving style. The provide warning of understeer early and they are also very quiet. So far I haven't noticed a performance drop, they perform just as they did after they were "ran-in" for about 1,500 km - not even slightly less.

Would I buy them again? Simple answer, Definitely - thanks to everyone for the recommendation - some people still don't believe (wrongly so, as it turns out) the Eco 5s are that capable in a hot little car.
tyre reviewed on June 23, 2014   
Given 100% (breakdown) while driving a Alfa Romeo 145 1.6 Boxer (185-60-14-H) on a combination of roads for 4 average miles
tyre reviewed on May 14, 2014