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Continental WinterContact TS 800

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The Continental WinterContact TS 800 is a High Performance Winter tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Cars. Below is data from 7 tyre reviews averaging 87% over 112,000 miles driven.

Continental WinterContact TS 800
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Continental WinterContact TS 800 Reviews

Given 81% (breakdown) while driving a Volkswagen Polo 1.4 TDI (185-55-14-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 60,000 average miles
These tyres lasted me 3 winters, swapping to summer tyres from March/ April and back in November/ December between the years of 2010 to 2013. New they offered amazing grip in the snow and wet. Never threatened to aquaplane when hitting deep standing water. They always gripped well in all types of snow, from 2ft deep to thick slush.

Noise wise, they didn’t seem any noisier then my summer tyres, and seemed to grip almost as well in the dry.

Last winter, the grip in the snow and wet seemed to be greatly reduced, and they seamed to aquaplane easily. The tread was 1mm above the ware marker and the diamonds on the top of the blocks had almost worn away. Buying another set again this year. Top quality tyre for a good price. (£70)
tyre reviewed on October 9, 2013   
Given 83% (breakdown) while driving a Toyota AYGO (155-65-14-H)
Driving on a combination of roads for 12,000 spirited miles
Had these tyres on the Wife's Aygo every winter since the big freeze of 2010.

They have paid for themselves that first winter, I was one of the few able to get to work during the heavy snow.

Fantastic grip in the wet or dry in the winter months, braking is incredible in the snow and ice and also wet. Left the car parked on an extremely steep hill in the snow, performed a hill start with no problems.

Road noise more than the Continental ecocontact3's but the ride is far better, I assume due to the more flexible sidewalls and also the rubber content.

Extremely good tyres

Wear is impressive my wife drove with them on until early summer without any noticeable wear or handling/braking deficencies.

tyre reviewed on September 19, 2012   
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Given 93% (breakdown) while driving a Honda Jazz (175-65-14-T)
Driving on a combination of roads for 20,000 average miles
Excellent tyre for winter. I had it all year long. At the beginning i thought that in summer i would had problems. Finally i used them and configured that only if i push them the dry handling was low. The wet handling/braking in summer is quite good. No comments for winter use. A bit noisy in summer depending on the tarmac quality. The wear was impressively low for a soft tyre and with summer use (with temperatures up to 40 degrees). I drove about 30.000km up to now and it seems to go for another 10.000km.
Highly reccomended.!!
tyre reviewed on July 17, 2012   
Given 93% (breakdown) while driving a Toyota AYGO (155-65-14-)
Driving on mostly town for 5,000 average miles
The best WINTER tire money can buy!
tyre reviewed on December 28, 2010   
Given 91% (breakdown) while driving a Honda Jazz (175-65-14-T)
Driving on a combination of roads for 2,000 average miles
Despite this is my first winter tyres I`m completely happy with it. The grip is so good I leave all the other drivers with the summer tyres at the line(in the snow).
Many times I had to stop on a steep hill(in the deep snow) and start from there and without any effort it just has a grip and go. This is so good in the snow as if I were on the dry road with the summer tyres, unbelievable! I`m happy I bought it before the first snow arrived.
Surprisingly quiet if not quieter than my ContiEcoContact3 summer tyre.
The rubber is so soft I can squeeze it with my fingers, a lot better than the hardened summer tyre in the cold. Definitely worth to buy winter tyres.
The fuel consumption hasn`t changed remained the same as with the summer tyres.
The new tyre`s thread depth is 7,5-8mm.
tyre reviewed on December 26, 2010   
Given 81% (breakdown) while driving a Toyota AYGO (155-65-14-)
Driving on mostly town for 3,000 average miles
Excellent on snow and ice, moderate performance at temperature above 10 degree C.
tyre reviewed on December 9, 2010   
Given 87% (breakdown) while driving a Honda Fit (Jazz) (175-65-14-T)
Driving on a combination of roads for 10,000 average miles
A lot better than the previous Michelin Energy Saver. Quieter, the ride is not as firm and has better grip in all conditions.
tyre reviewed on August 19, 2010   

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