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Dunlop SP Sport Fast Response

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The Dunlop SP Sport Fast Response is a Ultra High Performance Summer tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Cars. Below is data from 92 tyre reviews averaging 81% over 1,003,851 miles driven.

This tyre replaced the Dunlop SP3000a
This tyre has been replaced by the Dunlop Sport BluResponse

Dunlop SP Sport Fast Response
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Size Price Range  
195/65 R15 £41.45 - £55.74 (6 prices)
205/55 R16 £52.32 - £59.42 (11 prices)
225/45 R17 £66.38 - £82.58 (6 prices)
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Dunlop SP Sport Fast Response Reviews

Given 80% (breakdown) while driving a Mercedes Benz C200 Kompessor Coupe Auto (205-55-16-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 20,000 spirited miles
Had these for 2 years and got about 30000kms will tread still to use. Last changed tyres because changed rims and had to go to dunlop sportmaxx which aren't as good.
Dry grip was great in the dry and wet grip was still good, hard accelerating comfortably in the wet.
noise was minimal which is appreciable on my car.
Wear was reasonable and even for occasional spirited urban driving and well aligned car.
tyre reviewed on June 12, 2015   
Given 87% (breakdown) while driving a Honda Accord Tourer Type S (205-55-16-W)
Driving on a combination of roads for 30,000 average miles
Great touring tyre. It quiet (and was quiet for all its lifetime), comfy and has very good grip on dry and also in wet. Also mileage is very good, over 30.000 miles.
I have got MFS 91W version, with the rim protector which is great and I miss it at the new bluresponse tyre at 16" size.

On the other hand I drove 15" fastresponse on diesel focus (15" H) and the mileae was very poor (15000 miles I guess). Probably depends size to size.
tyre reviewed on January 24, 2015   
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Given 96% (breakdown) while driving a Ford Focus mk2 (205-55-16-V)
Driving on a combination of roads for 48 easy going miles
A superb tyre, worked well, went the miles and covered all requirements. Drove for around 48,000 on the fronts. Worked well in the snow, wet and dry.
Only reason for replacememt was due to a puncture, so side wall could be improved to be more resistant to punctures.
tyre reviewed on January 16, 2015   
Given 74% (breakdown) while driving a Ford c max (225-45-16-V)
Driving on mostly town for 237 average miles
these tyres seem very good for the money normally buy mitchelin but money very tight at the moment
tyre reviewed on January 10, 2015   
Given 73% (breakdown) while driving a Renault Megane (225-45-17-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 16,000 average miles
My driving style is very various depending on how I’m feeling…so I was tested this tyres in almost all conditions. First of all what I want from a tyre is to be comfortable as long as I don’t have a sport car… And unfortunately this model isn’t comfortable at all. The noise is not so far away from my Firestone Winterhawk 2 which is an winter tyre !!! The noise is really bad at this tyre and I was cheated by the EU label which evaluated at 69db and just one line from 3…
In the rest the tyres are very good in the curve and progressive driving, very good on hot (not just warm) weather but very very low performance if the temperature decreases bellow 15C…
I recommend those tyres just for the south of Europe or northern Africa weather and just if you don’t care about the noise.
tyre reviewed on January 7, 2015   
Given 90% (breakdown) while driving a Audi A3 Sport (225-45-17-)
Driving on mostly motorways for 25,000 spirited miles
Had these on for 2 years / >25000 miles and are only down to 4mm. (Rotated once).
Mainly motorway miles. Yesterday I encountered a relatively high speed blowout (NS rear) on the A1, where the complete tyre except the walls around the edges shredded off. I guess the solid walls of the Tyre saved any worse damage and I managed to safely get into the lay-by.
All the other Dunlops have been checked this morning and a Infinity tyre installed temporarily. Therefore, I reccomend this tyre. It has certainly proved its worth, and I guess the blowout was a one-off.
tyre reviewed on December 24, 2014   
Given 83% (breakdown) while driving a Volvo V40 Estate (185-65-15-)
Driving on mostly town for 34,000 average miles
Drove 55000 km, but now these tyres worn to the limit. I think it would last more but my suspension setup isn't perfect so that's why these tyres wear so fast.
tyre reviewed on October 31, 2014   
Given 90% (breakdown) while driving a Ford Focus (195-60-15-H)
Driving on a combination of roads for 40,000 average miles
I have them for 5 years now,. Time to change them .. i wish i ccould find the same one. It is the best fitted to my needs tire since 1999 that i have changed several tires and cars.
tyre reviewed on October 21, 2014   
Given 66% (breakdown) while driving a Ford Fiesta (195-45-16-V)
Driving on mostly country roads for 20,500 average miles
195x45-R16.Have done a little over 20,000 miles in 18 months,mainly country roads to work.Very good all round grip both wet and dry.Very quiet for 10,000 miles then began to get noisy, Am not immpressed by the wear of the tyres, have only 2.5 to 3 mm tread left after moderate driving.Looking to replace for the winter,maybe Goodyear Efficient Grip?
tyre reviewed on October 8, 2014   
Given 86% (breakdown) while driving a Mercedes Benz C180 Classic Sedan (205-55-16-V)
Driving on a combination of roads for 4,500 average miles
Original/factory fitted tires on my new 2013 Mercedes C180.
I was surprised to see these Dunlop tires on my new Mercedes C-Class and I was very surprised how good they are on my C180.
Very stable at all speeds, very good dry grip, very good and rapid steering response, always easy to handle also on the limits, it feels like they are rolling very light and easy.
I have driven very little in the rain but they seem to be good in the rain as well, naturally they slip a little sooner than in the dry.
The comfort and noise level is acceptable, on good roads and also at higher speeds it is good comfort, I have however driven other C-Classes with other tire brands in the same dimension with significantly better comfort and significantly lower road noise but without that little extra sporty edge that these Dunlops have.
I bought my C-Class as a primarily comfortable ride but I must admit that after driving this car for almost a year now I am a little bit torn between the sportiness of these Dunlops and other more comfort-oriented tires, these Dunlops do increase the fun factor of driving the car with a little reduction of the comfort-level that this car is capable of.
Surprisingly I like these Dunlop tires on my C-Class, I think I can generally recommend them to any car, they do not have any fault and I'm enjoying the good feel they give when I'm driving.
I have only driven less than 7000 Km so I can't really say much about the wear they do however look almost brand new so far.
tyre reviewed on June 17, 2014   

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