Insa Turbo EcoEvolution

Dry Grip 100%
Wet Grip 90%
Road Feedback 90%
Handling 90%
Wear 90%
Comfort 90%
Buy again 100%

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Given 93% while driving a Vauxhall Corsa Sxi (195/55 R16 H) on mostly town for 1,000 easy going miles
If you are actually looking for mid-range priced tyre at a very low cost, then I highly recommend that you really consider purchasing remould / retread car tyres. Remould / retread tyres are made to high quality standards nowadays, and are both heavily tested and regulated by the ECE to ensure they are safe to use. These type of tyres are far more environmentally-friendly as well, when compared against the manufacturing process of a new car tyre.

Furthermore, remould / retread tyres function identically to newly manufactured tyres, and can, therefore, reach the same speeds as their brand new equivalents, at fraction of the price.

I always use to purchase the German made, King Meiler, all-season car remould tyres for my Corsa SXI, but as Insa Turbo now produce a summer season remould car tyre that actually fits my vehicle, then I have decided to switch to this particular Spanish brand instead.

0 - tyre reviewed on June 22, 2019