Kumho Ecsta KU39

Dry Grip 86%
Wet Grip 78%
Road Feedback 80%
Progressiveness 76%
Wear 72%
Comfort 81%
Buy again 80%
Kumho Ecsta KU39

The Kumho Ecsta KU39 is a Ultra High Performance Summer tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Car

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Tyre review data from 101 tyre reviews averaging 79% over 1,080,720 miles driven.

Size Fuel Wet Noise Weight
205/45 R16 87Y XL   C B 74  
205/55 R16 91Y   C B 72  
225/35 R17 86Y XL   E B 74  
205/40 R17 84Y XL   E A 74  
215/40 R17 87Y XL   E A 74  
235/40 R17 94Y XL   C B 74  
245/40 R17 95Y XL   E B 74  
255/40 R17 94Y   E B 71  
205/45 R17 88Y XL   C A 74  
215/45 R17 91Y XL   C A 74  
225/45 R17 94Y XL   C B 74  
235/45 R17 97Y XL   C B 74  
245/45 R17 99Y XL   C B 74  
215/50 R17 95Y XL   C A 74  
225/50 R17 98Y XL   C A 74  
235/50 R17 96Y   C B 72  
215/35 R18 84Y XL   E B 74  
225/35 R18 87Y XL   C B 74  
245/35 R18 92Y XL   E A 74  
255/35 R18 94Y XL   E A 72  
265/35 R18 97Y XL   E A 72  
275/35 R18 95Y   E A 71  
285/35 R18 101Y XL   E A 72  
215/40 R18 89Y XL   C B 74  
225/40 R18 92Y XL   E B 74  
235/40 R18 95Y XL   E B 74  
245/40 R18 97Y XL   C A 74  
255/40 R18 99Y XL   C A 72  
265/40 R18 101Y XL   C A 72  
225/45 R18 95Y XL   C B 74  
235/45 R18 98Y XL   C B 74  
245/45 R18 100Y XL   C A 74  
255/45 R18 103Y XL   C A 72  
275/45 R18 103Y   E A 71  
235/50 R18 101Y XL   C B 74  
255/30 R19 91Y XL   E A 72  
265/30 R19 93Y XL   E A 72  
275/30 R19 96Y XL   E A 72  
295/30 R19 100Y XL   E A 72  
215/35 R19 85Y XL   E A 74  
225/35 R19 88Y XL   E A 74  
235/35 R19 91Y XL   E A 74  
245/35 R19 93Y XL   E A 74  
255/35 R19 96Y XL   E A 72  
265/35 R19 98Y XL   E A 72  
275/35 R19 100Y XL   C A 72  
285/35 R19 103Y XL   C A 72  
225/40 R19 93Y XL   C A 74  
245/40 R19 98Y XL   C A 74  
255/40 R19 100Y XL   C A 72  
275/40 R19 105Y XL   C A 72  
225/45 R19 96Y XL   C A 74  
245/45 R19 102Y XL   C A 74  
275/45 R19 108Y XL   C A 72  
245/35 R20 95Y XL   C A 74  
275/35 R20 102Y XL   C A 73  
245/40 R20 99Y XL   C A 74  
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Size Price Range  
205/40 R17 £52.49 - £65.90 (11 Prices) Compare Prices >>
205/45 R17 £58.49 - £76.40 (11 Prices) Compare Prices >>
205/55 R16 £41.99 - £56.90 (11 Prices) Compare Prices >>
215/40 R17 £57.32 - £78.20 (11 Prices) Compare Prices >>
225/40 R18 £59.41 - £75.20 (12 Prices) Compare Prices >>
225/45 R17 £52.86 - £70.50 (12 Prices) Compare Prices >>
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Kumho Ecsta KU39 Reviews

Given 59% (breakdown) while driving a Volkswagen Tiguan Sport 2.0 TDI 140hp (225/50 R18 H) on mostly country roads for 15,000 easy going miles
I was recommended these Tyres by various friends, I was very pleased with at first, good road holding on wet and dry roads, slightly noisy on motorways at high speed but acceptable, have now become very disapointed as have been advised they are near the legal limit, when I have only had them 18 months and done 15000 miles, would I buy them again, on that performance NO.
0 | - tyre reviewed on May 11, 2016   
Given 93% (breakdown) while driving a BMW 320D M Sport (225/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 10,000 average miles
Have gone on the back of the BMW, I've been a big fan of the Falkens and have to say these Khumo KU39 are even better. they just grip and grip, amazing grip in the dry & wet. noise is fine and cant go wrong for the price.
3 | - tyre reviewed on March 8, 2016   
Given 83% (breakdown) while driving a SEAT Ibiza Cupra 1.4 TSI (215/40 R17 W) on a combination of roads for 6,000 average miles
I bought the Kumho KU39s to replace factory fitted Bridgestone RE050s which were very disappointing in terms of wet grip off, with frequent loss of traction from a standing start away from a junction or roundabout. The Kumhos were a revelation with far improved levels of traction, braking and comfort in city driving and highway speeds up to 70 mph. The only real criticism I can make is the vibrations and noise levels in excess of 70 mph. This tyre is an excellent budget choice proving how much progress Korean brands have made of late and certainly worth buying instead of a regular budget tyre.
3 | - tyre reviewed on February 15, 2016   
Given 87% (breakdown) while driving a Jaguar XJS (225/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 30,000 average miles
Just completed 30k of mixed driving on a Jag xj.
Great wear, I have just replaced them today.
A bit of vibration from 70-90
1 | - tyre reviewed on January 29, 2016   
Given 74% (breakdown) while driving a BMW 730Ld (275/40 R19 W) on mostly motorways for 5,000 average miles
Dry grip is not far from average.
Struggles to handle the power on wet accelerations.
Gives you a nice and easy feeling on what the front tyres are doing on corners.
Been using it on my 730Ld for almost 5k miles and seems to be wearing normally.
A decent choice given the price the value/price index.
0 | - tyre reviewed on December 29, 2015   
Given 51% (breakdown) while driving a BMW 530d Auto SE LCI (225/45 R17) on mostly motorways for 12,000 spirited miles
I'm always in a hurry, take corners and accelerate very hard. When i got the car, it had these tyres on the rear and though they were at 3mm they lasted until May, around 4 months - 8k.
I replaced them with the same tyres (Kumho Ecstas) and i've done around 12k (6 months) since then and they are now totally worn so they have worn quite well tbh.
Dry grip they are very good, in the wet they aren't bad and do keep it together.
My only gripe is that ever since they were fitted there has always been a vibration at 70-90mph. Removed and rebalanced twice with no luck, this was the same issue with the previous set so i'm not buying again. But i would recommend these tyres.
0 | - tyre reviewed on November 30, 2015   
Given 86% (breakdown) while driving a BMW 320D Coupe (255/30 R19 W) on mostly motorways for 0 easy going miles
Second time I've used this tyre on two different cars, the result both times....awesome. Switched from nasty run flats to these and have them on all corners, car grips well in all conditions. Dry grip rate is outstanding, you can feel the tyres biting as you accelerate and push into corners, equally in the wet they won't let you down, they heat up quickly offering extra grip! One thing I didn't realise was the lack of rim protection, my alloys are £550 a piece from BMW and although I'm extremely careful when parking a flange protector wouldn't have been a bad thing.
Only had these on for 2k so far and still looking as new, would definitely buy these again, a great tyre for a fraction of the price of the bigger brands.
1 | - tyre reviewed on October 31, 2015   
Given 90% (breakdown) while driving a BMW 525d e60 m sport (225/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 8,000 spirited miles
I really rate these tyres, I used to swear by continental sport contacts but just couldn't justify the price and quick wear on a bigger tyre. These are almost as good, not quite as progressive but unless you are really pushing it's not an issue. Wear much better than continentals, I've had them on the back for about 8000 miles now and they're showing very little sign of wear. Just got both fronts replaced as well and they make a huge difference.
1 | - tyre reviewed on October 1, 2015   
Given 76% (breakdown) while driving a Holden commodore (225/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 10,000 spirited miles
These tyres are definitely a great option but left more to be desired. when they heat up they become a bit unpredictable, and on a heavy car they exaggerate body roll. They definitely have extremely high levels of grip in a variety of good and bad conditions but seem to be a bit funny when cornering. I probably wouldn't buy these again, but definitely a solid choice of people who like/ need streched tyres.
0 | - tyre reviewed on September 13, 2015   
Given 66% (breakdown) while driving a Honda Civic Type R (205/45 R17 R) on mostly country roads for 15,000 spirited miles
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0 | - tyre reviewed on September 11, 2015