Kumho Ecsta PS71

Dry Grip 91%
Wet Grip 86%
Road Feedback 78%
Handling 75%
Wear 73%
Comfort 64%
Buy again 56%

The Kumho Ecsta PS71 is a Ultra High Performance Summer tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Car

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Tyre review data from 18 tyre reviews averaging 75% over 108,385 miles driven.

Latest Group Test Results

2019 Auto Bild Summer Tyre Test - 20th of 20 tyres

  • Positive - Good aquaplaning properties, good dry handling.
  • Negative - Very poor wear, very high rolling resistance.
  • Overall - Conditionally recommended.

2019 Summer 53 Tyre Braking Shootout - 18th of 45 tyres

2018 Auto Bild 20 inch UHP Tyre Test - 7th of 8 tyres

  • Positive - Good aquaplaning result, short dry braking, cheap to buy.
  • Negative - Poor wet handling with slow steering and long wet braking distances.
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225/45 R18 £82.90 - £124.98 (10 Prices) Compare Prices >>
225/45 R19 £84.70 - £138.13 (8 Prices) Compare Prices >>
245/40 R18 £79.60 - £122.83 (10 Prices) Compare Prices >>
245/45 R18 £83.90 - £133.78 (10 Prices) Compare Prices >>
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Top Kumho Ecsta PS71 Review

Given 83% while driving a Vauxhall Insignia CDTI SRI 160 (225/45 R17) on mostly motorways for 500 spirited miles
same kumho problem... balancing & egg shape. 245/45/18 100Y XL
I've always used kumho because the price well reflects in proformance if only they didn't need constant rebalencing.
I've had 4 duff pairs, ku31 x 2 pair, ku 39 x 2 pair that had to come off in the end they were so bad.
No amount of balencing can sort an egg shape tyre.
These new ps71 are very soft, squishy, feel like running on 20psi with 30g wheel wobble even after twice rebalencing them & 1 of them is egg shape.
I am worn out with trying to get them right & think after years of kumho on various different cars I'm giving up on them.
Changing to Dunlop.
I always feel bad going back to the shop to moan they must think it's me lol but kumho have let themselves down & I will say so.
PS71 is more expensive, lower spec & lower quality, not for me, I like a tyre to be not thought about coz it's getting on with it's job instead of feeling there's a 60mph side wind blowing me around & the steering wheel hammering out of ny hands not to mention the amount spent on rebalencing & hanging around tyre shop waiting for my turn.
157 - tyre reviewed on March 25, 2017   

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Given 79% while driving a BMW 335d (255/35 R18 W) on a combination of roads for 4,000 spirited miles
Excellent tyres. Cannot fault in the wet or dry. Will be buying again after my first 8 tyres wear out (on separate high power 2 cars).

Not the most comfortable tyre but then again I run high tyre pressures, the price/cost is excellent and noise levels are perfectly fine to me.

Car is nigh on 380 bhp in power and very close to 553 lb/ft torque and these tyres are great for the price.
1 - tyre reviewed on June 15, 2019   
Given 90% while driving a (275/40 R19) on mostly town for 1,000 spirited miles
So far lived up to what I was hoping for. On my 2017 GT Mustang automatic I always had trouble with the Pirelli P Zero on the rears hooking up with the road under power , even at 80 km/h hitting the pedal to the metal. Also always broke traction with a light part acceleration. The Kumho PS 71 had not yet broke traction under full pedal to the metal at 60 and 80 km/h , even in sports mode. They also launch well with a slight push where the pirellis spun up. Pirellis were only good on hot days where the Kumho PS71 grip at cold nights already off the mark. Don’t know how long they will last , They seem quiet to me. I run 32 psi cold before driving. Pirellis only lasted 17,000 km on the rears,
1 - tyre reviewed on June 14, 2019   
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Given 99% while driving a Nissan Qashqai (225/45 R19) on mostly motorways for 14,732 average miles
Cheap and reliable the most important things is it last far longer than my stock 225/45/19 Continental Sport Contact 6 tyres. The Continental Sport Contact 6 lasted me only 15,000 miles, while my Kumho Ecsta PS71 still have 60% left after 17,000 miles. Great responsive handling and reliable during raining days. The only setback of this Kumho Ecsta PS71 have compared to Continental Sport Contact 6 is the noise level. But for the price and performance of this tyre is definitely a good buy. First time trying Kumho tyres and it had really build up my trust in this korea made tyre.
3 - tyre reviewed on June 4, 2019   
Given 93% while driving a BMW 525 (275/35 R20) on mostly country roads for 17,380 spirited miles
Superb dry and wet grip tyre. Nothing much to complaint about, very good tyre. Fitted on my bmw 525 series, Kumho handles my car exceptionally well compared to Yokohama tyres which fail to brake in time during during days.
4 - tyre reviewed on June 3, 2019   
Given 99% while driving a Mercedes Benz E 320 CDi (225/45 R17) on mostly town for 5,000 average miles
Kumho ps71 has surprised me with its great handling and comfort level. Great priced with all the attributes of Michelin PS4 tyre which I used previously but at less than half the price. Fitted 245/40R18 for my Mercedes E280, been an great all round tyre.
6 - tyre reviewed on May 27, 2019   

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