Kumho Solus KL21

Dry Grip 73%
Wet Grip 67%
Road Feedback 67%
Handling 63%
Wear 73%
Comfort 68%
Buy again 71%

The Kumho Solus KL21 is a Touring All Season tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Car

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Tyre review data from 11 tyre reviews averaging 69% over 212,230 miles driven.

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Size Fuel Wet Noise Weight
0/0 R0 0          
215/65 R16 98H   B C 74  
215/70 R16 100H   E E 70  
215/60 R17 96H   C E 71  
225/60 R17 99H   C C 74  
235/65 R17 104T   C E 76  
235/65 R17 0T   C C 76  
245/65 R17 107H   G F 74  
245/65 R17 107H   C C 74  
225/55 R18 98H   C B 73  
225/55 R18 98H   C B 73  
225/55 R18 98H   C C 73  
235/55 R18 100H   G F 74  
235/60 R18 103H   C C 74  
245/60 R18 105H   E E 75  
245/60 R18 105H   C C 75  
265/60 R18 110H   B E 74  
235/50 R19 99H   G F 74  
265/50 R20 107V   B E 74  
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Size Price Range  
225/60 R17 £83.82 - £106.52 (8 Prices) Compare Prices >>
225/65 R17 £82.46 - £110.10 (12 Prices) Compare Prices >>
265/50 R20 £112.36 - £142.43 (7 Prices) Compare Prices >>
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Top Kumho Solus KL21 Review

Given 43% while driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee (265/60 R18 H) on mostly country roads for 16,900 easy going miles
Completely worn out after only 16900 miles of careful driving despite tyres being rotated every 6 months. Will never buy again
37 - tyre reviewed on January 30, 2014   

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Given 93% while driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee (265/50 R20) on mostly town for 30 average miles
Have had these Kumho tyres on Jeep Grand Cherokee since new, just having fronts replaced after 48,000km (30,000 miles) on a mix of mainly city, some country driving.
Impressed with the longevity, ride comfort, grip and lack of noise from these tyres. Will be replacing with the same tyre at a modest $225 a tyre (£125).
1 - tyre reviewed on April 23, 2018   
Hyundai Santa Fe (230/60 R18) on mostly motorways for 11,250 average miles
Kumho Solus 21 tyres fitted by registered Hyundai service agent on 26/10/16.Passed W.O.F February 2017 and first rotation and alignment in April '17 but by September 8/17 tyres were completely rooted and had to be replaced(grand total of 18000km)travelled 95% of total km's on sealed roads by 73yr old driver.Hyundai service agent who fitted tyres initially will not do anything for owner because tyres not able to be inspected by supplier.Circumstances leading to inability to inspect came about because car was unsafe to drive at second rotation and alignment in September when problem of separation was discovered.One month before discovery of conditon of tyres was made mechanic of 35yrs experience
made comment about tyres felt off round.At this stage nothing was noticeable to 73r old driver but emphasises how rapid deterioration actually was.Very unsatisfactory state of affairs and one further comment to make.Writer always bought Kumho tyres for both ELF and Titan trucks and would swear to them but car tyres NEVER.
4 - tyre reviewed on December 22, 2017   
These are the best tyres in the world. Watch now!
Given 87% while driving a Kia Motors sorento (235/65 R17) on a combination of roads for 25,000 average miles
Original tyres on my Kia Sorento 2014. So far done 25,000 including towing caravan and still have 4mm tread left
2 - tyre reviewed on December 8, 2017   
Given 79% while driving a Hyundai ix35 (225/60 R17 H) on a combination of roads for 25,000 easy going miles
Came with my secondhand 2012 Hyundai ix35 1400 kg 2wd, 1.6 GDI as oem tyres alraedy done 30.000 kms. Now after 6 months it has done 40.000kms. I only changed the fronts with rear tyres 4 months ago. The threads are like new except the ones that I transferred to the rear. It seems it can do a well 20.000 kms too. Here the roads are in very bad condition. I tried them at minus 10 C on snow and ice. They seem OK. Not like winter tyes off course but if you know how it reacts or slides on ice, and if yo are cautious, they are acceptable.
4 - tyre reviewed on January 9, 2017   
Given 90% while driving a Hyundai Santa Fe (235/60 R18 H) on a combination of roads for 49,000 average miles
These were standard fitment on my Hyundai Santa Fe 2011 CRD 4 wheel drive. Front tyres lasted to 41000 miles, just about to replace the rears at 49,900 miles. Will be buying these again. Very happy with them, even when towing our caravan. Difficult to understand some of the other negative comments, having to replace at 16,900 miles suggests to me a poor driver or a faulty suspension set up.
1 - tyre reviewed on March 20, 2015   

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