Landsail LS388 AS

Dry Grip 83%
Wet Grip 75%
Road Feedback 78%
Handling 72%
Wear 75%
Comfort 81%
Buy again 85%
Snow Grip 20%
Ice Grip 30%

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Given 69% while driving a SEAT cordoba 1.4 TDI stylence (195/55 R15 V) on a combination of roads for 35,000 spirited miles
Great tyre for price.
14 - tyre reviewed on February 20, 2019   
Given 86% while driving a Ford Mondeo Titanium X (235/45 R18 W) on a combination of roads for 12,000 average miles
Purchased these after a bit of reading up and to replace brand new Infinity tyres that had been fitted by the dealer prior to sale. Needless to say the Inifinity's were absolutely dire, with zero feedback the car felt like it was ice all of the time. You just didn't feel 100% in control of the car in any weather.
One went these Landsails.
Now, bearing in mind these are still very "cheap tyres" but the difference was to be honest like chalk and cheese in comparison to Infinity.
These are quiet, comfortable, with what I believe is the most important factor....good feedback.....
I am sure there are better big brand tyres available with regards to scientific on the limit testing, but for as long as you don't drive like "a loon" these really are a good reliable choice. They do their job commendably.
I am no skinflint by a long shot but for everyday use I would not warrant anything else.
If you are 'The Stig', yes by all means get the BBC to pay for more expensive rubber to thrash around your track.
If you are like me with a daily drive that is done mostly within the confines of normal driving, these are shockingly good value for money, with no massively regrettable downsides noted....quiet, grippy, reliable, long lasting.
7 - tyre reviewed on February 11, 2019   
Given 54% while driving a Ford Focus MK3 (215/50 R17 W) on mostly motorways for 10,000 spirited miles
These were present on the front of my MK3 Focus when I took ownership just over a year ago with around 7mm of tread on them, I had heard of the Landsail brand prior to this but never owned this make of tyre (A couple of people suggest they are ATS Euromaster's best budget seller?). Luckily as I took ownership of the car at the start of spring and into the hot summer of 2018 with next to no rain - the mere highlight of the tyre was evident as they performed pretty well in the dry and somewhat comfortable while on the motorway and also once warmed up.

However at the first sight of heavy rain it was a different story, traction was hindered and just about every sharp turn at speed caused the front to loose control in no time at all. Setting off from junctions in the wet, be it to turn left, right or even to travel straight ahead caused a wheel spin at just about every given opportunity & without giving it any welly.

Fast forward to the present, the midst of winter in January 2019 & 10,000 miles later - I've finally had enough of them, despite still having 4mm of tread left but I suppose the wear factor on these isn't bad. I was slightly shocked as well to see that both the tyres were starting to show very tiny cracks along the sidewalls so needless to say I wanted shot of these.

I've just replaced them with some new Falken's, a brand which I have used in the past with success and even though it's very early days yet - they are already making me feel more comfortable with driving the car in the wet. I suppose with the Landsail's at roughly £50.00 a corner in my tyre size, and along with other budget brands - there is only so much you're going to get out of them. Sadly in the 215/50/17 fitment a lot of other Focus MK3 owners out there will opt for budget's regardless due to the high price tag that follows with the more premium brands.
3 - tyre reviewed on January 27, 2019   
Renault 12 (195/50 R16 V) on mostly town for 5,000 average miles
Needed some tyres to get through an MOT in a hurry, the garage had these in stock and they came recommended. Was shocked to discover just how inferior they are compared to the badly worn Barum Bravuris 3HM's that were fitted previously. In dry conditions, they are OK, just noisy at motorway speeds. But it is in wet conditions that these tyres truly let themselves down. Traversing a roundabout in even in the most lightly moist of conditions is akin to sliding across an ice rink, (unless driving at funeral procession speeds is your thing), and don't even think about pulling away briskly at a junction, unless you want to induce instantaneous wheel spin. Even giving it the beans in third or fourth will have these tyres squabbling for grip on a damp road. In recent years, I've had vastly superior tyres than these for the money, in fact, these are on par, if not worse than the budget specials I once bought when I was a broke student. Never again for me.
12 - tyre reviewed on September 6, 2018   
Given 81% while driving a SEAT ALhambra TDi (215/55 R16 H) on a combination of roads for 13,000 average miles
My Sest Alhambra uses front tyres every 10,000 miles, whether they are cheap or premium tyres. I was pleasantly surprised that the cheap Landsail lasted 13,000. They have handled fine in all kinds of weather. I haven't seen any ditches in the last year, so don't believe the negative reviews. Fuel economy is just as good as with all previous tyre brands I've tried. So ... I've just put another pair on the front.
28 - tyre reviewed on March 23, 2018   
Given 74% while driving a Honda Civic Type R (225/45 R17) on mostly country roads for 250 spirited miles
These were fitted to my Type R when I bought it and I fully expected to be fighting for grip, but I have been pleasantly surprised to find that they are actually quite good, plenty up to the task of my daily B Road bast to work. Even more surprising was how little tramlining there was even in such a large size, so little it is barely noticeable. They are still quite new so I can't speak for longevity or how well they might perform when worn but so far, I'd happily buy again.
17 - tyre reviewed on March 20, 2018