Matador MP 47 Hectorra 3

Dry Grip 84%
Wet Grip 76%
Road Feedback 78%
Handling 82%
Wear 79%
Comfort 82%
Buy again 82%

The Matador MP 47 Hectorra 3 is a Ultra High Performance Summer tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Car

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Tyre review data from 14 tyre reviews averaging 80% over 40,800 miles driven.

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Top Matador MP 47 Hectorra 3 Review

Given 90% while driving a Opel ASTRA H 1.6 TURBO (225/45 R17 W) on mostly town for 500 easy going miles
First time on non-premium tyres (€ 72,00 per corner fitted) replacing a set of excellent PIRELLI P ZERO ROSSO ASIMETRICO (bargain price at € 95.00 per corner fitted 4 years ago - nice wear lasting already 60.000 km after an axle change at 40.000 km - great dry and wet grip as new - vast diminuation after 15.000 km). So far excellent dry grip (braking and acceleration comparable to new Pirellis' and factory's ContiSportContact2) and an improvement on comfort compared to both of them, probably because of claimed softer sidewalls (fine ride and acceptable noise up to 100 km/h).
Re-review after several thousands of kilometres on both wet and dry, curious to see cornering abilities. Not yet scoring for wet grip - road feedback, progressivenes, wear and buy again.
173 - tyre reviewed on January 18, 2016   

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Given 84% while driving a Nissan Almera 1.6 saloon (195/55 R16 H) on mostly motorways for 1,000 average miles
First 1000km and only positive things to say. First time buying low budget tyres and i think i'll do it again. Previous tyres bridgestone TURANZA ER300. Very happy with those too, but expensive and harder sidewalls and noisy above 110-120 km
0 - tyre reviewed on March 20, 2019   
Given 100% while driving a Mercedes Benz E Class (245/35 R18 W) on for 5,000 miles
Perfect tyres
16 - tyre reviewed on November 4, 2018   
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Given 41% while driving a Vauxhall 1.4 auto mk3 (235/45 R19 W) on mostly country roads for 3,000 average miles
Fitted these to an Astra GTC and totally ruined the car. They were cheap, but you get what you pay for. If the road is wet I have to slow right down, and on a wet roundabout I get loads of understeer. These are dangerous in the wet, but ok if the road is dry. I will go back to the Bridgestones I had before.
20 - tyre reviewed on March 26, 2018   
Given 77% while driving a BMW 318d M Sport Touring (E91) (235/45 R17 W) on a combination of roads for 1,500 average miles
Overall in terms of grip and comfort very good tires for the price, compared to continental sportcontact 5. I have owned matadors before (mp46) and they were really good, so i decided to buy the new model. The sidewalls are maybe a little bit too soft, but the comfort level is high and for me this was important. Mine are produced in romania and after about 4000 kms I am experiencing tire pull,which is the only negative thing I am experiencing to date. Maybe this pull is related to the softer sidewalls. I will see if warranty covers such issues, because i had an alignment and it didn't fix it.
25 - tyre reviewed on June 21, 2017   

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