Pace Toledo TL1000

Dry Grip 73%
Wet Grip 53%
Road Feedback 57%
Handling 60%
Wear 64%
Comfort 57%
Buy again 46%

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Given 37% while driving a Volkswagen Golf MK7 R 300 BHP (235/35 R19 W) on a combination of roads for 5,000 spirited miles
Tyres came with a set of alloys I bought, they had quite a lot of tread left on them so figured why not use them until they're worn down. Fine in the dry but show them some rain and they let go very easily, two lots of understeering at relatively slow speeds on roundabouts later and they're getting replaced. Will maybe keep them as back ups for the summer but definitely not for wet weather or winter driving.
0 - tyre reviewed on September 24, 2019   
Given 20% while driving a Vauxhall Insignia 2.0 CDTi SE sport (205/55 R16) on mostly town for 1,000 average miles
I would recommend avoiding this tyres. They come on a car that I bought and I did not know the brand. On the dry road they are just ok but whe it is raining they are dangerous. I have almost done a U turn while rounding a roundabout in the rain as the car lost control even at a low speed. I went to replace them and the garage told me these are one of the cheapest brands available. I'd recommend to spend a few £ more for something a little better.
0 - tyre reviewed on July 16, 2019   
Given 64% while driving a Peugeot 306 HDI (195/55 R15) on mostly country roads for 12,000 average miles
Found grip wet and dry to be good. Fairly quiet tyre too, only downside is they only lasted 12,000 miles and driven sensibly... so based on quick wear won't be buying again..
6 - tyre reviewed on April 8, 2019   
Given 71% while driving a Ford c max (225/40 R18) on mostly town for 1,000 average miles
Good tyre, cheap enough, have a set of 4 on my car and it handles great but I have lowered the car.
2 - tyre reviewed on December 26, 2018   
Given 49% while driving a BMW 520d (225/50 R17 W) on mostly motorways for 20,000 spirited miles
Avoid these tyres. They are absolutely awful in the wet, I’d go so far as to say unsafe. I cannot trust the car at all in the wet. I have these on the front, fitted by the previous owner. They still have around 6mm of tread left after >20k miles, so they are extremely durable but that’s only a good quality if they provide you with decent grip! I noted the speed these stopped gripping on a wet roundabout the other day: just over 20mph with a fairly gentle lateral load.
In fairness to them, the dry grip is not terrible, just a little spongey and feedback is fairly numb. Noise is reasonable but that might be more about the car than the tyre.
Despite having so much tread left, I will be replacing these soon for something that I can actually rely on in poor conditions - well worth £100+ a tyre in my view.
2 - tyre reviewed on November 4, 2018   
Vauxhall (225/45 R17 V) on mostly country roads for 10,500 spirited miles
Wet and dry grip are excellent for a budget tyre. Also very acceptable levels of road noise. However, on my Astra GTC the front pair are nearing replacement at just under 11000 miles, so not wearing well.
0 - tyre reviewed on October 27, 2018   
Given 70% while driving a Toyota Avensis estate 1.8 petrol (215/55 R17 W) on mostly town for 4,000 average miles
This review is for Toledo TL1000 tyres 215/55ZR17 98W XL from SD International. . I got my Toyota Avensis 1.8 CVT Estate second hand (ex Europe car hire car) and it had a pair of these on the front. Not knowing that much about tyres at the time I decided to put the same on the rear which had been the OEM Dunlop Efficient grip. At the point the car had done 42K miles. We mostly drive in London with the occasional long trip. For the price of around £40 a tyre you can't fault them. I can't do a direct comparison to other tyres on the same car but the wet grip and dry grip in warmer weather is very good. When it drops below 10C the tyres tend to harden up and being XL tyres and seemingly a hard wearing compound (7mm still on the rear after 4k miles) that probably isn't surprising. You are definitely going to get a bit better handling, comfort and safety with a £100+ tyre but I don't think you will find much more durability.
19 - tyre reviewed on December 17, 2017