Sailun Atrezzo Z4 AS

Dry Grip 75%
Wet Grip 70%
Road Feedback 63%
Progressiveness 62%
Wear 66%
Comfort 54%
Buy again 52%
Sailun Atrezzo Z4 AS

The Sailun Atrezzo Z4 AS is a Touring Summer tyre designed to be fitted to SUV and 4x4

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Tyre review data from 37 tyre reviews averaging 63% over 236,781 miles driven.

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Questions and Answers for the Sailun Atrezzo Z4 AS

2016-05-24 - what tyre pressure do you put in the 215 45r 17

The tyre pressure will be governed by your vehicle manufacturer. Recommended vehicle pressures can usually be found on a sticker in a door shut, or your handbook

2016-05-21 - my question is , i want to know in which country that tires made in ?

The country of origin should be marked on the sidewall of the Sailun Atrezzo Z4 AS

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Sailun Atrezzo Z4 AS Reviews

Given 90% (breakdown) while driving a Chevrolet Hhr (225/45 R16) on mostly motorways for 0 average miles
I live in Vancouver BC Canada. These tires have performed quite well. I am very pleased and so far would buy again. Quiet and great in rain and dry. I have Michelin's on my Saab and the sailuns on my hhr seem to handle wet weather better.
0 | - tyre reviewed on June 19, 2016   
Given 29% (breakdown) while driving a Peugeot 107 (155/65 R14) on a combination of roads for 10,000 average miles
Bought two of these when I was absolutely desperate to replace two bald tyres on limited money about 3 years ago. The car doesn't do much mileage and the girlfriend uses the car more than me. Over the course of this week I have driven the car and the weather has been really wet or really hot, and I have never driven a car with tyres as bad as these. So much so I've told the girlfriend she can't drive the car in the wet. They are that bad.

To give you an idea how bad they are, the car will wheel spin on the flat when at the lights, and if you're going around the corner at a normal speed the car will go straight on. It's like driving a car with bald lego tyres on an ice rink.

I've checked the tread and the wear is near enough new. Honestly, if you value your life or that of a family member who will be in that car, don't buy these. It isn't worth it.
0 | - tyre reviewed on June 13, 2016   
Given 96% (breakdown) while driving a Nissan Cube (225/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 35,000 spirited miles
I dont have a high performance car i have a 2010 nissan cube. I have to say that these tires have made this cube drive like a sports car. I nolonger feel im in a top heavy lil suv with this tire. This tire hugs the road awesome. I went from a bridgestone ecopia to this and it woke this car up. I have went through my first set of these and decided to wait till they where wore out to give my review. For the money this is an amazing tire, and any negative feed back must be from people who have a1000.00 dollar set on their car. This car never gave me any road noise like others claim and is very very good in dry and wet. This tire may preform different on a corvette or Porsche but this tire is not really intended for that. If you have a smaller car like i have i highly recommend this tire for anyone. I have only positive things to say for this tire and nothing bad. Also remember this is a performance tire as with all performance tire it is not going to last 60,000 miles. I got 36,000 out of my set and i pushed this tire on my car most of the time. I went on 4 major trips with this tire absolutely trouble free. I also bought this set for a little over 200.00 so this was an excellent buy. I did mount and balance them myself as i am an auto mechanic. Buy buy buy this is a true review from some one who used this tire as it was ment to be not on a 2015 corvette.
0 | - tyre reviewed on May 13, 2016   
Given 59% (breakdown) while driving a Nissan Maxima (245/45 R18 V) on mostly town for 2,000 average miles
Unless you blast music 100% of the time or want something to prevent conversation in the car then these tires aren't for you.

I spent 3-4 weeks trying to figure out what's wrong with my car. My mechanic changed the wheel bearings, spindle.. And still the noise was there. Rotated the tires and still. My mechanic was scratching his head.. He was so sure it was the wheel bearings.

I had some worn out Goodyear tires sitting at home so I put them on just to see and OMG the car became silent!

Pure garbage. I learned my lesson when it comes to tire brand.

Please if you're considering to buy these tires think about wheel bearing noise permanently. If you don't know what that sounds like, look it up.

The noise started for me within two months.
2 | - tyre reviewed on April 15, 2016   
Given 37% (breakdown) while driving a BMW 335i (225/45 R17) on mostly motorways for 5,000 easy going miles
I took my BMW 335i to the shop thinking to have a bearing problem or something bad in the transmission because noise from the tires was so loud that it was impossible to use the bluetooth phone or listen the radio at low volume.
They did not find any problem.
Just replace them for Michelins and the noise disappeared totally.
1 | - tyre reviewed on April 5, 2016   
Given 46% (breakdown) while driving a Mazda 3 Series (225/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 0 average miles
I bought these to try to get away from an expensive performance tire. For the first 15,000km's they were average tires, still not bad for the cost. They never gave me complete confidence, but they never scared me either. At around 15,000km's I thought I had wheel bearing issues, but after inspecting them discovered all was fine, it was tire noise. The tires progressively got so noisy over time I could no longer hear the radio or passengers talking to me. They were very loud, the noise was the cause of replacement, they were about half worn when I removed them from the car. Would be a great tire for a deaf person.
1 | - tyre reviewed on March 11, 2016   
Given 20% (breakdown) while driving a Toyota Scion tc (215/45 R17 W) on mostly town for 25,000 average miles
after 2 years and 25k miles on it I need to replace them ASAP
0 | - tyre reviewed on February 25, 2016   
Given 97% (breakdown) while driving a Subaru subaru l series station wagon 4wd (215/45 R17 V) on a combination of roads for 6,000 average miles
I have had the Attrezzo Z4+ AS on my Subaru for 2 years and driven without issue in all weather's. They are grippy, fairly quiet and a very capable " year round " tyre. I think they offer excellent value for the price. No, they are not a Michelin, but the overall performance is a lot closer than you'd think.
0 | - tyre reviewed on October 23, 2015   
Given 47% (breakdown) while driving a Honda Accord (205/65 R16 T) on a combination of roads for 11,000 easy going miles
bought a used accord 2008, and the salesman was so glad to tell me youtr lucky , ive put new tires on the car, so about 11,000 milles the tires are crack on the middle , spend more and get better
0 | - tyre reviewed on September 26, 2015   
Given 39% (breakdown) while driving a Audi A4 3.0 litre TDI S Line Quattro (255/35 R19 W) on a combination of roads for 2,000 easy going miles
I had these tyres on a second hand car for a couple of months. One of them was ready to go and had a bubble on the sidewall. If they are only going to last a couple of months then that is the wrong side of useless. It's a false economy to buy these cheap tyres and I've replaced them all with a set of Michelins.
0 | - tyre reviewed on August 10, 2015