Toyo NanoEnergy 3

Dry Grip 83%
Wet Grip 72%
Road Feedback 75%
Handling 79%
Wear 79%
Comfort 82%
Buy again 81%

The Toyo NanoEnergy 3 is a Premium Touring Summer tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Car

This tyre replaced the Toyo NanoEnergy 2

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Tyre review data from 15 tyre reviews averaging 79% over 164,265 miles driven.

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Questions and Answers for the Toyo NanoEnergy 3

2017-09-03 - Hello, I want to ask the following: How the tires Nano Energy 3 are reacting to Ice or snow? I mean without chains.

As a summer tyre the Nano Energy will struggle on snow and ice, and perform very poorly.

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Top Toyo NanoEnergy 3 Review

Given 91% while driving a Kia Motors Cerato Forte (215/50 R17 V) on a combination of roads for 2,000 average miles
Very good dry & wet grip, Low road noise on any road surfaces. Low rolling resistance while driving; mileage improved slightly. The overall ride comfort is fantastic. These tyres are amazing. Highly recommended.
229 - tyre reviewed on October 10, 2016   

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Given 84% while driving a Honda Civic (175/70 R13 T) on mostly town for 4,000 easy going miles
The most comfortable tyre I ever had. In the dry very good but braking in the wet can be bad depending on the road. Feedback very good compared to my old pirellis P4
14 - tyre reviewed on February 14, 2019   
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Given 51% while driving a Ford Focus MK2 2.0 TDCI Sedan (205/55 R16) on a combination of roads for 18,000 spirited miles
Dry grip is okay on most of the road, however wet grip is very very bad, easily understeer and hydroplaning even there are 70% thread left. The tyre itself will easily deform when cornering too hard, felt as of the tyre is deflated in the middle of a corner and lost its ability to hold it's integrity.

I almost crash my car multiple times due to the tyre understeer on a wet road. I would never buy this tyre again, at least for the car I am driving, for a lighter car might suit.

The tyre sidewall isn't stiff enough therefore contribute some degree of body roll as well.
1 - tyre reviewed on January 7, 2019   
Given 66% while driving a Mazda Mazda2 (195/55 R16) on a combination of roads for 2,000 average miles
I changed from the Mazda oem tyre Dunlop Enasave 300+ (185/55/16) to this Toyo Nanoenergy 3 (195/55/16).

The initial impression after fitted it is the tyre felt soft on the side wall ,quite and comfortable; but i lose the sharp turn in of my Mazda 2 ! The steering is not as sharp as it used to be especially during hard cornering , you can felt the tyre wall flex abit. I am slightly disappointed until i found out that the tyre shop under-inflate my tyre on all 4 side, immediately i went to inflate it to OEM recommendation 250 kpa (front) 230kpa (rear) .

Guess what , my car back to how it should handle and now I am pretty happy with it !!

The only thing i dislike is the moderate wet braking compared to the oem Dunlop.
14 - tyre reviewed on May 28, 2018   
Given 81% while driving a Audi A4 (205/55 R16 H) on a combination of roads for 15 spirited miles
Had a full set of Nanoenergy 3's on for the last 15,000 miles approx and they are great tyres. For what they are, reasonably priced mid-sized vehicle touring tyres, they do the job and let me drive confidently and comfortably. Real strengths in good predictable grip wet or dry. Although they may not be as grippy as the most expensive tyres in the segment, for the price they do very well especially at sensible road speeds. Braking performance with ABS is solid while noise levels and ride comfort meet my expectations of a premium touring tyre.

Only thing I will say is that while on the front of the car the tyres do seem to be wearing a bit faster than I would like, but my A4 is a front wheel drive and I do like tend to push through the corners a bit faster so I do ask quite a bit of them.

Overall a great tyre and I would consider fitting another set of the same to my second car when the time comes.
5 - tyre reviewed on May 1, 2018   

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