CitroŽn c3 Picasso 1.6 diesel Tyres

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The following tyres have been reviewed on the CitroŽn c3 Picasso 1.6 diesel
Falken ZIEX ZE310 EcoRun (24) 91% 84% 83% 85% 84% 86% 81% 85% 51,621
Falken ZIEX ZE914 EcoRun (73) 87% 83% 82% 83% 79% 78% 80% 82% 777,465
Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance (197) 88% 87% 78% 79% 74% 86% 75% 81% 2,507,645
Minerva minerva F109 (5) 70% 44% 54% 50% 50% 62% 38% 53% 24,700

CitroŽn c3 Picasso 1.6 diesel Tyre Review Highlights

Writing about the Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance given 100% (195-55-16-V)
Driving on mostly country roads for 1500 average miles
got to be the best tyres, comfortable quiet plenty grip
tyre reviewed on 2017-08-20 16:19:57
Writing about the Falken ZIEX ZE310 EcoRun given 90% (195-55-16-V)
Driving on mostly country roads for 500 easy going miles
I bought these tires because I wanted good tyres at a good price. I felt Michelin was a bit too expensive, but I was not after a cheap budget tyre since my previous experiences with Minerva F109 - they ended their life a bit too early. Falken has got good reviews in magazines and they have good prices, so I thought I give them a try.

Very good tires. My car was fitted from factory with Michelin Energy Saver. The Falkens feels quite similar to them. Low noise, very stable tyres, good grip in dry and wet, good resistance to aquaplaning. I feel that I have good control. The tyres are also comfortable, they soaks up bumps and imperfections well without feeling squishy or soft. Cars feels secure, and it holds the track very well.

Since the tyres are new, I've only driven them this summer, I can't really comment on the wear.
But I've driven them in sun and in heavy rain, hot and medium temperature, country roads and highways. I like them a lot, my car feels like it's brand new again (well, almost :) ). A very pleasing experience driving with these tyres on.

I've seen some magazine reviews complaining about high rolling resistance. But I would say that in real world driving this is not really a big issue.
tyre reviewed on 2019-08-10 12:06:59
Writing about the Falken ZIEX ZE914 EcoRun given 77% (225-45-17-)
Driving on mostly country roads for 1000 average miles
Great grip in both dry and wet conditions. I've driven in heavy rain and the tyres feels very secure with precise handling and great resistance to aquaplaning. No skipping nor sliding. I'm more of a relaxed driver so haven't stressed the tyres on a road track, but the tyres feels good and the car feels glued to the road. Steering has sharpened up, car feels more responsive to driver input compared to Michelin Energy. Noise levels are low, but the tyres are on the hard side so not so comfortable on poor roads/bad tamrac or gravel. These tyres are sporty touring tyres, perhaps too sporty for a MPV. I can't comment on wear, it's too early.
tyre reviewed on 2019-08-20 09:38:49
Writing about the Minerva minerva F109 given 46% (195-55-16-H)
Driving on mostly country roads for 2500 easy going miles
Perfectly ok grip in dry and wet, with good resistance to aquaplaning. Quite comfortable. I would recommend this tyre if it weren't for two serious drawbacks:

1. Sidewalls are too soft, cars feels insecure in cornering. My car is small MPV.
2. Rubber gets too old too fast. Treadwear is not a problem, I have 5 mm left but I had to replace the tyres because of rubber getting too old. Cracks and uneven tread, making vibrations and an unstable drive.The tyres are 6 years old.
tyre reviewed on 2019-08-10 11:53:03
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