Ford Fiesta Zetec S 123 Tyres

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The following tyres have been reviewed on the Ford Fiesta Zetec S 123
Rotalla RU01 S Pace (15) 84% 78% 73% 68% 76% 76% 67% 75% 52,910
Compasal Smacher (2) 55% 30% 25% 30% 70% 70% 10% 41% 4,150

Ford Fiesta Zetec S 123 Tyre Review Highlights

Writing about the Rotalla RU01 S Pace given 84% (190-45-16-W)
Driving on mostly country roads for 18000 average miles
Superior wet performance to Kumho! Soft tyres with slightly less life in them than Ecsta HS51s, but a substantial change in driving terrain might be a contributor. Huge exterior groove seems to make them very resistant to slipping in the wet - be careful with frame ramps, they tend to catch.

Had them on the front with a set of part-worn (~5mm) Ecsta HS51s on the rear and so far that seems the perfect setup on my car.
tyre reviewed on 2018-08-30 14:27:58
Writing about the Compasal Smacher given 35% (195-45-16-V)
Driving on a combination of roads for 4000 average miles
These tyres were fitted brand-new to the front of a Fiesta Zetec-S I bought last summer. The rear had the original Continentals with about 15000 miles wear. I have to say I'd never heard of the Compasals and had a sense of foreboding about them as I'd figured the dealer had just fitted the cheapest replacement possible.
Unfortunately I was right!
On my way back to base (150-odd miles) on a hot, dry July evening, the tyres seemed ok as they scrubbed in. Eventually I was on roads I knew backwards and decided to test the tyres...
I was now on B-roads and there is a particular Left-hand corner I know and love on both car and bike, but I digress...
I approached said corner, changing down in preparation for what was to come, took a deep breath, pitched it in and floored it. Annnnd. SsssssKerrrrccchhhhh as the car moved swiftly towards the offside of the corner.
'Hmmm', I thought absently as I juggled the wheel, 'that doesn't usually happen.'
Still, it was provoked.
Several months later it is now cold and wet. If provoked at all, it is slither time.
Two days ago (with warm tyres - 50 miles into a trip) I accelerated hard away from a junction. Except when I dropped the clutch the car jumped about 6" sideways instead of moving forwards in an orderly manner.
That was the last straw. A replacement pair has been ordered despite the total wear of about 4000 miles on the Smachers. How much does even the slightest accident cost these days?
The fairest way to describe these tyres is to say they resemble the Japanese tyres of the 70's. Nice'n'shiny and plastiky - but I'm sure they'd last ever such a long time if you drive in straight lines in Arizona.
tyre reviewed on 2019-02-01 01:19:59
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