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Nissan Qashqai Tyres

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The following tyres have been reviewed on the Nissan Qashqai
Falken EUROALL SEASON AS200 (10) 86% 93% 92% 90% 85% 93% 97% 91% 80,515
Nokian WR D4 (4) 70% 90% 90% 87% 100% 90% 100% 90% 10,650
Nankang SP5 (3) 87% 87% 80% 87% 93% 87% 100% 89% 80,000
Avon Ranger (7) 92% 90% 92% 75% 97% 87% 86% 88% 149,500
Goodyear EfficientGrip SUV (6) 92% 85% 85% 80% 88% 85% 85% 86% 42,025
Falken ZE914 (63) 90% 84% 85% 80% 84% 86% 88% 85% 534,815
Pirelli Scorpion STR (23) 83% 71% 76% 75% 68% 74% 69% 74% 782,761
Nexen CP641 (33) 75% 59% 62% 67% 76% 70% 61% 67% 290,749
Bridgestone Dueler HP Sport (44) 78% 62% 69% 59% 70% 61% 57% 65% 654,492
Continental ContiCrossContact LX (7) 81% 70% 70% 73% 49% 64% 44% 64% 112,070
Kumho Ecowing ES01 KH27 (5) 60% 42% 55% 40% 63% 68% 40% 53% 21,000

Nissan Qashqai Tyre Review Highlights

Writing about the Avon Ranger given 100% (215-65-16-)
Driving on mostly country roads for 30000 average miles
Superb tyres that I fitted to my Qashqai to replace the original Bridgestones that barely lasted 20k. I'm approaching 30k and reckon there's about another 5k left. On the muddy country roads where I live they have excellent grip and they're superb in the wet. The only thing they didn't work in was the snow, but then you'd need to buy the Ranger Ice tyres for that.
Posted at 2012-08-27 16:22:21
Writing about the Nexen CP641 given 94% (215-65-16-H)
Driving on mostly country roads for 12000 average miles
Not much to say really. They pretty much do what any other more expensive premium tyres. Maybe just a tiny bit noisy, but for the price I managed to get them, it is the last thing on my mind. Wear is surprisingly good, considering it being softer compound rubber.
Posted at 2013-03-13 22:05:44
Writing about the Pirelli Scorpion STR given 93% (215-60-17-H)
Driving on a combination of roads for 100000 average miles
Pirelli Scorpion str durability are fantastic !! I put these tires on the car with 56,000 km in June 2011. The car currently has 156,000 kilometers made ​​in June 2015. The rear tires are still the same ! 100,000 km !! and still have half the floor !! amazing! I'm not joking !!! 4 years! The front tires have been changed in the past year. Easily explained ! It is a front wheel drive car . They made 76,000 km ! amazing! I drive on asphalt and dirt track at moderate speeds(100-150) and high speed(180-210)... In wet conditions I advise not reach the limit only if you are an adventurous driver and very good driver but the tire fulfills its duty ! In dry conditions is an excellent ally and best friend! Floors with snow is not the best but not the worst !
Posted at 2015-06-13 18:05:38
Writing about the Nexen CP641 given 90% (225-45-17-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 10000 average miles
A good tyre for the money giving a very comfortable ride in my Qashqai and with very little road noise. Will buy again.
Posted at 2010-10-06 15:33:33
Writing about the Bridgestone Dueler HP Sport given 86% (215-60-17-H)
Driving on mostly motorways for 40000 easy going miles
No Comments Left
Posted at 2013-06-03 12:22:16
Writing about the Bridgestone Dueler HP Sport given 86% (215-60-17-H)
Driving on mostly motorways for 29500 spirited miles
OE on my Qashqai & after just under 30k miles they're down to 2mm on the fronts with >4mm left on the rears. Not the quietest tyre, but the long-life makes up for it.
Posted at 2010-11-04 13:44:10
Writing about the Nankang SP5 given 84% (215-55-18-V)
Driving on a combination of roads for 10000 average miles
Good tyre so far. Performs as well as the Continentals fitted as OE but half the price. No hesitation in buying them again.
Posted at 2013-03-23 14:55:38
Writing about the Continental ContiCrossContact LX given 83% (215-65-16-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 20000 average miles
Very good tire. Manages hot asphalt on the highway and mountain slush impressively well. Not too expensive. Looks good too.
Posted at 2013-04-01 14:02:08
Writing about the Falken EUROALL SEASON AS200 given 81% (225-45-17-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 10000 spirited miles
Fitted these to the front wheels of my Qashqai for the autumn and winter months on the back of the 2014 all season test. The dry grip is good but slightly lacking on some of the better summer tyres, however ive struggled to push them to the limit. They can be a little understeery, but the car is so difficult to tell how much the tyres are to blame.
Wet grip is great in cornering and braking I have pushed the car on occasions but have not managed to reach the limit in the wet.
In the snow we had in South Yorkshire this winter the tyres were great, lots of grip in deep and compacted snow, I had a few oversteering moments due to the summer tyres on the rear the grip on the front being so strong.
After 10k they are about half worn so wear rate is good as well.
Overall a great all round tyre, performance in all conditions is great for normal driving.
Posted at 2015-06-25 13:44:51
Writing about the Nexen CP641 given 77% (215-65-16-H)
Driving on mostly country roads for 13000 spirited miles
12 months use (approx 13000 miles).
Performance in the wet was fair but subject to aquaplaning in roadside puddles- pretty un-nerving!
Ride was good with little in the way of obtrusive noise.
Preferred these to the Kumho replacements.
Posted at 2013-06-11 12:47:36
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