Porsche Cayman Tyres

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The following tyres have been reviewed on the Porsche Cayman
Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 (142) 95% 88% 88% 87% 80% 86% 88% 87% 2,626,853
Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 (95) 91% 90% 86% 83% 82% 91% 83% 87% 382,906
Michelin Pilot Sport 3 PS3 (260) 91% 89% 85% 84% 74% 83% 80% 84% 3,437,472
Pirelli P Zero (84) 86% 73% 79% 75% 64% 68% 62% 72% 1,534,173
Nexen N7000 (6) 63% 48% 53% 53% 73% 52% 40% 55% 130,004

Porsche Cayman Tyre Review Highlights

Writing about the Michelin Pilot Sport 3 PS3 given 97% (255-45-18-W)
Driving on a combination of roads for 12000 spirited miles
The only thing I didn't like was the price, otherwise an epic tyre
tyre reviewed on 2010-03-14 11:05:54
Writing about the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 given 87% (265-40-18-W)
Driving on mostly country roads for 0 spirited miles
Best tyres for Porsche Cayman
tyre reviewed on 2014-07-05 17:01:18
Writing about the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 given 58% (205-55-17-W)
Driving on mostly country roads for 350 spirited miles
Replaced 7 year old Michelin PS2's with Goodyear Eagle F1 assym
Right away they felt funny, and after 300 km started troubleshooting.
They felt like i was driving on a flat tire.
even though they were already pumped more then the PS2s and porsches user manual requres.

lower pressure made it worse and highier pressure somehow made a bit of a difference, but at 1 bar over the normal pressure it no longer improved.

After 500 km I got so fed up with the way my car drove, and how it pretty much made me seasick .. there was a delay on steer in and changing direction in a turn felt wobbeley in the back when the Michelins did not have this issue

Replaced them with new Michelin PS2's at 550 km. Goodyear even came to check out the tires, took em with me and reported back they were 'in spec'.. So it's not a production fault , but a poor tire design and spec.
And they sent em back.. now i'm stuck with 4 useless Goodyear tires..
Maybe I can sell em off the next time there is a strike somewhere and the union people need something to burn.
tyre reviewed on 2017-12-11 14:09:04
Writing about the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 given 57% (265-35-19-W)
Driving on a combination of roads for 5000 easy going miles
Good tyres in every respect except wear - unbelievably they have only lasted 5,000 miles on genuine easy going driving by my wife despite the make ! Given how costly they are to buy I will not buy again.I have also put 4 PS2's on my VW Phaeton and,again, they are down to the wear bar after only 8,000 miles.That is,frankly ridiculous !
tyre reviewed on 2014-05-23 10:12:27
Writing about the Pirelli P Zero given 46% (265-45-18-W)
Driving on a combination of roads for 13000 average miles
These P-Zero N1’s came with the car. Dry handling is excellent. Unfortunately grip in any other conditions is just terrible. I have 3mm left on the rears yet even in light rain they just don’t grip. Traction control light flashing like mad on mild acceleration, the back slides out all over the place, thankfully the Porsche run an experience day at Silverstone which teaches you all about handling the car safely, not something I had planned to use quite so frequently. Anyway replacement tyres now ordered I will not be going back to Pirelli.
tyre reviewed on 2018-01-04 20:44:58
Writing about the Nexen N7000 given 30% (265-35-19-R)
Driving on a combination of roads for 4 spirited miles

These tyres may be black and round, but it's about all they have in common with other brands. But I suspect the material they're mad of is closer to bakelite than actual rubber.

Dry grip is okay-ish, if you don't push too hard, wet grip is positively terrifying. What's worse, the tyres let go with almost no warning.

The 35 section tyres on 19" wheels that I have are harsh and noisy, making trips on less than perfect road surfaces an unpleasant chore.

On the positive side, they're last a long time. Which is a shame, because I'm getting rid of them after only 6,500km.
tyre reviewed on 2015-04-20 00:43:53
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