The 2007 Autocar tyre test

This weeks Autocar magazine has a 12 page pull out special tyre test from the Contidrome in Germany. This is Autocars most comprehensive tyre test yet and they score in a multiple of wet and dry categories giving both subjective and objective feedback.

Interestingly they use 2 different cars in this tyre test, a front wheel drive Ford Mondeo diesel and a rear wheel drive Mercedes Benz C class with a petrol engine.

The tyres on test were (in overall results order):

1) Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric
2) Michelin Pilot Sport PS2
3) Bridgestone Potenza RE050-A
4) Continental Contisport Contact 3
5) Pirelli PZero Nero / Rosso

In the finest Autocar tradition they have provided an amazing summary video of the test on their website and if you're the least bit interested in car tyres you will find it fascinating.

To watch the video click here and to read the full 12 page review, which gives detailed breakdown of all the tyres get yourself a copy of Autocar dated 10/10/2007.

What are your current tyres like? Why not help the 1000's of daily readers looking for the right tyre by leaving your tyre review here! It will only take 60 seconds and your review could help someone select the right tyre for their vehicle.


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re: Pirelli,
I think many other tyres have 'moved on' and there a better tyres out there now. Pirelli just don't offer anything more than ordinary anymore....
Posted at 2008-11-25 17:29:59 | Was this comment helpful? Please login to vote
Re 1st post I think the current Pirelli 'road car' tyre range is need of a bit of a refresh compared to Bridgestone / Michelin etc, however I think they've a number of really decent 'supercar' tyres like the Corsa system.
Posted at 2007-11-13 16:01:02 | Was this comment helpful? Please login to vote
Why is Pirelli always bottom of these tests at the moment? They're still highly regarded in the super car circles?
Posted at 2007-11-12 23:52:58 | Was this comment helpful? Please login to vote[timestamp]&rtu=-1