2011 Auto Express Product Awards

June marked issue 1169 of Auto Express, and the 2011 awards issue. The awards cover products across multiple categories including protection, cleaning, safety and maintenance, with both summer and winter tyres being featured in the safety category.

Summer Tyre Winner

Continental Sport Contact 3
It's been a strong 12 months for Continental, with the Sport Contact 3, 5 and 5P winning multiple tyre tests. Auto Express rated the Sport Contact 3 due to its excellent all around performance, scoring well in every test.

Summer Tyre Commended

Michelin Pilot Sport 3
With the new Pilot Sport 3, Michelin have aimed the Pilot Sport range at wet performance, resulting in a win in curved aquaplaning test and a second in wet braking. If you’re after Michelins new all out max performance tyre the Pilot Sport once was, the mantle has now been passed to the Pilot Super Sport.

Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric
Goodyear placed 3rd largely thanks to a disappointing rolling resistance and braking performance. Goodyear shouldn’t be concerned though, as the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 was launched a short while back and has moved the game on considerably from the original tyre.

Winter Tyre Winner

Goodyear Ultragrip 7+
The Ultragrip 7+ has never finished lower than 3rd in a tyre test, and gets excellent reviews here at Tyre Reviews. Auto Express liked it’s brilliant performance on snow, along with decent showings in the wet and dry.

Winter Tyre Commended

Continental WinterContact TS830
A solid all round performance earned Continental another award in 2011. It kept the Ultra Grip 7+ honest on snow, and beat it in the wet and at the pumps.

Dunlop SP Winter Sport 3D
Another tyre which was replaced before the awards were published, the Dunlop Winter Sport 3D scored well on wet and dry roads. Look out for its improved replacement in 2011, the Winter Sport 4D.

Other Tyre Related Products

Auto Express also awarded a number of other tyre related products, all tested by the legendary in house product testing team.

Best Compressor

Ring RAC630 - Auto Express liked the RAC630 thanks to its padded case, multi mode light, decent length hose and quick inflation.


Michelin Hi Power Tyre Inflator with Detachable Gauge - Commended for the neat screw on connector, long hose and removable digital gauge which works on or off the unit

Sealey MAC01 - Good storage, good pump and long hose mean the new Sealey MAC01 picked up a commended recommendation.

Best Tyre Shine:
Carplan Tyre Slik

Black Diamonds Tyre & Trims
Turtle Wax Wet ‘n’ Black


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