Continental Winter Contact TS 850P - Prelaunch

The new Continental Winter Contact TS850 PIt’s the winter tyre every sports car driver has been waiting for, the new Continental Winter Contact TS850P is here!

Replacing the TS830P, the TS850 P builds on the strong foundation of the TS850. Available in Autumn 2014, the TS 850 P will cover from 16 inch to 22 inch rims, and is aimed at the performance car.


The Tyre

When compared to the outgoing TS830P, the TS 850 P is a step forward in every aspect. Pushing the average label score up from E in fuel efficiency and E in wet grip, the new tyre manages to average C/C while still improving on the dry, wet, snow and ice performance of the already impressive TS 830 P.

Not just focusing on the objective differences, Continental have also introduced a re-profiled, shorter sidewall to improve the objective feel of the tyre - a shorter sidewall makes for a more direct steering tyre which will help keep sports cars feeling sporty in the winter months.

At the pre launch we had chance to back to back test the new TS850P against a mid range competitor, the Falken FS439 on identical BMW 3 Series in the snow and on ice.

While we expected the TS850P to be better, the sheer margin surprised us. The extra grip in acceleration and braking when compared to the Falken was vast, almost like driving on a totally different category of tyre. The turn in felt similar, but the Continental hung on much longer, offering much better cornering grip, and stability leaving the car more predictable.

The story was similar on ice, we the TS850P having the clear advantage.

 Continental TS850P Pre Launch testing

SUV and 4x4

Also launched is the latest Continental tyres for SUV and 4x4 vehicles, the cleverly named Continental Winter Contact TS 850 P SUV.

Much like the regular version of this tyre, the SUV version improves on the ContiCrossContact Winter in every area, and includes wider tread blocks to help avoid picking up stones and gravel in the tread when off roading.



With the new Continental Winter Contact TS850 P and TS 850 P SUV hitting the market for the 2014/15 winter for 16” to 22” rims, we have no doubt this will be one of the best all round winter tyres for the performance segment.

Expect a full write up from us in winter 2014!

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