Dunlop and AMG mini series - Tyre Development

In order to celebrate Dunlops one year anniversary as official tyre partner to the AMG Driving Academy, Dunlop have release the first two videos in a five part mini series covering the design, development and testing of AMG specific tyre versions.

“When Dunlop teamed up with Mercedes-AMG, it was clear that the partnership was a success story, with both companies sharing the same commitment to exceptional performance. That commitment is now captured on camera, and we're pleased to share a behind-the-scenes look at the steps we take to achieve those results,” said Guillaume Carli, marketing manager for Dunlop.</>

“We are proud partners of Dunlop, and we highly value their support of the AMG Driving Academy,” said Jens Ehrig, head of AMG Driving Academy.

The first two videos are below, and we'll update this article as the next three videos are released.

AMG Academy episode 1 - Dunlop and AMG team up!

AMG Academy episode 2 - The Dunlop design studio


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