Firestone MultiSeason - Announced

The new Firestone MultiseasonUpdate: We've driven on it! Read it here: Firestone MultiSeason - First drive


Following on from the Pirelli Cinturato AllSeason and Michelin CrossClimate launches, Firestone have announced a new all season tyre at Geneva - the Firestone MultiSeason.

We've not driven on it yet, but as all season tyres are a popular category on tyrereviews, we thought we'd report the press release. We'll have more informaiton as soon as we've driven on it!


Press Release

Firestone announces the launch of its brand new Multiseason tyre, the brand’s first all-season tyre.

Bridgestone – which purchased Firestone worldwide in 1988 – has recently invested in Europe to provide the Firestone brand with a highly competitive product and marketing package.

The new Firestone Multiseason tyre is the latest to join the line-up and opens up a new segment for Firestone, thus completing an already wide range of products allowing the young-at-heart the “freedom to drive” and discover in any circumstances. This tyre is aimed at drivers who live in temperate climate zones where winters can be light but still have very unpredictable weather conditions. The Multiseason is an excellent solution for drivers seeking the convenience of having one set of tyres all-year-round and looking for great value for money.

Freedom to drive in all conditions*

The Multiseason is safe when you need it the most by combining an overall easy-going and forgiving character on the road with a readiness for sudden weather change. Its development started with a base pattern proven strong in wet and snow conditions. Thanks to the right amount of grooves for efficient water evacuation and the use of Nano-ProTech© technology in the compound, the Multiseason provides good wet grip and excellent resistance to hydroplaning, which means that it is able to evacuate large amounts of water quickly so you don’t lose control of your car.

The Multiseason also brings you confidence when driving on snow, as demonstrated by the M+S and 3 Peak Snowflake marks. Thanks to the right pattern to provide solid traction, handling and braking when driving on frost and snow, the Multiseason makes sure that drivers are free to take the road under any conditions.

Being a strong performer in wet and winter conditions is however not a trade-off for enjoying the daily ride! The Multiseason is ideal for manoeuvering in cities and with its linear steering and excellent stability, you can confidently engage any corner, making the drive smooth and comfortable.

The Multiseason is available in 13 to 16 inches across Europe. The first wave will roll out 9 sized in July 2015 with 16 extra sizes to be launched in the coming year.


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