SEMA Roundup - new tyre launches

The SEMA show in Vegas (Specialty Equipment Market Association) was in full swing last week, and as usual there have been a number of new tyre launches.

Pirelli: Pirelli launched 2 new tyres at SEMA. The first is the rather exciting P Zero Trofeo which is a new trackday / DOT street legal semi slick. The second new tyre is the somewhat less exciting Scorpion Verde All Season, which promises to be a decent all season tyre for SUV's, crossovers and light trucks. Also announced is the 315/25R23 102Y XL has been added to the P Zero Nero line.

Falken: Falken introduced two new truck tyres and a single new touring tyre, the Sincera Touring SN211. It contains four optimised circumferential grooves for hydroplane resistance, variable sipe depths, a "stylish serrated sidewall design." It comes with an 80,000-mile limited mileage warranty.

Hankook: Hankook have launched a new all season Optimo H724. The Optimo H724 delivers performance benefits such as improved handling, noise control and a comfortable ride at a competitive price that today's value-conscious consumers will appreciate.

Nexen: Nexen have introduced 2 new high performance tyres, the N8000 and the N9000. The N8000 features an asymmetrical tread pattern with four channels (one wider than the others) and a straight centre rib. It also has a lateral groove design. The N9000 maximum performance tire features four wide channels, a straight centre rib block, lateral grooves and a wide shoulder design. The result is handling ability in both dry and wet conditions. The is also 9 extra sizes for the N7000.

As usual, if we've missed any please let us know in the comments below!


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