Scared of snow? Think again

Does the thought of snowy driving cause panic? Do you feel safe in normal cold and wet winter conditions? Michelin have data to show that most of us are worrying at the wrong time.

Analysing 12,000 real accidents over 12 years from all around Europe, it turns out only 5% of winter accidents happen on snow, and a further 3% on ice. This leaves a staggering 92% of accidents happening on dry and wet roads.

Further analysis also shows we find safety in the wrong types of roads. While the majority of us believe you're most likely to have an accident on a windy mountain road, facts show 88% of winter accidents happen on straight roads, and 68% of them in urban surroundings.

Here's the full infographic for further reading. Feel free to comment below with your own experiences.


Infographic - winter driving risks


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