The snow has arrived - how are your tyres coping?

Over the past 7 days the UK has seen its earliest cold snap for 17 years, bringing with it plenty of frost, ice and snow.

While many TyreReviews readers have switched to winter tyres, a large percentage of readers will still be using summer tyres. Whether you switched to winter tyres or are still running on summer tyres we'd love to hear how they're performing.

While summer tyres should never be scored on their winter tyre performance, it would be great to hear about anecdotal experiences in the discussion section below. If you've fitted winter tyres, we would love to hear your experiences, good or bad, by leaving a full tyre review along with your comments below to help others decide which winter tyres will perform best on their car.

If you''re new to winter tyres you can check out our helpful winter tyre guides here:

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Everyone at TyreReviews is looking forward to some great winter tyre discussion below...


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