Toyo Tires Classic Porsche Sizes – Proxes T1R and R888

Toyo R888 - new sizesWhile not major news, this press release from Toyo should please those looking for performance tyres in harder to find tyre sizes.

Kudos to Toyo for listening to enthusiasts!


Toyo Tires Classic Porsche Sizes – Proxes T1R and R888

Following unprecedented demand from switch-on enthusiasts, respected Japanese tyre manufacturer Toyo has released details of its range of ultra-high performance tyres for certain classic Porsche models.

Many owners of both 944 and 911 models fitted with the original 16” wheels have been searching for high performance tyres that follow the OEM sizing and specification, but are suitable for fast road and track work. Toyo offers two different models to fit the most common sizes, catering for those who want ultimate all-round road and track ability, as well as those who wish to really test the performance of their cherished Porsche out on track.

The Proxes T1-R is the perfect fitment for those using their Porsche every day. Superb wet and dry weather grip, allied to an attractive case design, means that this is a tyre that can be all things to all people, while offering excellent road noise and grip characteristics.

The Proxes R888 is the choice for those who want ultimate grip with road legality. This tyre is the control rubber for the BRSCC Toyo Tires Porsche Championship, but is also one of very few ‘semi-slick’ designs available to carry full EU approval – and MOT legality. So, if you’re the kind of owner that likes to drive to your trackday and back on the same set of tyres, then these are the boots for you…

The following Toyo products are available in the Porsche OE sizes:

205/55ZR16:  PXT1R and PXR888

225/50ZR16:  PXT1R and PXR888

245/45ZR16:  PXT1R and PXR888

Pricing will vary from retailer to retailer, but will start around £50 each for the 205/55ZR16 Proxes T1-R.

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