Vredestein Snowtrac 5 - Launched

We've yet to drive the new Vredestein Snowtrac 5, but here's the press release. Images soon!

New first-rate winter tyre: the Vredestein Snowtrac 5

Grip, steering precision and comfort as a result of innovative, experienced and new mixing techniques

Apollo Vredestein today introduced the Vredestein Snowtrac 5, a winter tyre that defies even the most extreme and unpredictable weather conditions, including wet, cold or slippery roads. The starting point in its development was to ensure optimal safety, a superior performance and durability. The Vredestein Snowtrac 5 is a winner in every respect.

The Vredestein Snowtrac 5 was developed at Apollo Tyres’ global R&D centre for passenger vehicle tyres in Enschede, the Netherlands. The sophisticated lateral grooves in the shoulders of the tread ensure additional stability in the tyre, while optimal contact with the road surface improves control and steering precision around bends.

The special rubber tread compound enhances the performance under winter conditions to an exceptionally high level. This is achieved in part by means of innovative mixing techniques, with a tandem mixer allowing the first phase of mixing and the silanisation stage to occur in parallel creating a high-performance Full Silica Compound.

Strong and clever design

The design is characterised by aggressive, tight lines that give the tyre a robust appearance. Due to its solid central zone, the typical V-shaped tread ensures extra firmness. The Vredestein Snowtrac 5 was also given unique geometric angles in the central zone which create a continuous central groove. This guarantees extra stability, adding further to the steering precision and driving comfort. Perfect handling on dry and wet surfaces is assured with the Vredestein Snowtrac 5.

Unique sipe technology

Due to a network of non-parallel sipes and substantial total sipe length, the film layer developed by ice, water and snow is more easily broken. The sipes have different shapes and depths and have been placed in varying directions. Moreover, the total length of the deep sipes has been increased by over thirty percent compared to the Vredestein Snowtrac 3. The optimal balance between the sipes in the lateral and longitudinal directions means the Vredestein Snowtrac 5 offers perfect traction and grip in bends on wet surfaces, snow and ice.

Stealth Design tread

Based on Stealth Design - which was pioneered by the military to make vehicles as quiet as possible and therefore undetectable - the new tyre ensures very low noise levels. The V-shaped tread minimises vibrations and noise production while driving. The longitudinal and lateral grooves in the tread of the Vredestein Snowtrac 5 comprise many different surfaces of varying formats which absorb noise, making cars quieter inside and outside.

The technology of the Vredestein Snowtrac 5 in brief:

Unique sipe technology: more sipes in a variety of shapes, directions and tread depths ensure an exceptional grip on wet roads, snow and ice.
Innovative Full Silica Compound: perfect handling on snow and ice, reduced rolling resistance.
Solid central zone: extra stability for improved handling on dry and wet surfaces.
Stealth Design: low interior noise, sound absorbed by the many different surfaces in the longitudinal and lateral grooves.
Round footprint and stepped longitudinal grooves: minimal chance of aquaplaning, very strong performance on wet road surfaces.

Vredestein Snowtrac 5 sizes

165/70 R14 81 T
175/65 R14 82 T
185/65 R14 86 T
175/65 R15 84 T
185/65 R15 88 T
195/65 R15 91 T
195/65 R15 91 H
185/60 R15 88 T XL
195/60 R15 88 H
185/55 R15 82 H
195/55 R15 85 H
195/50 R15 82 H
205/50 R16 96 H XL
195/55 R16 87 H
205/55 R16 91 H
205/55 R16 94 H XL
195/45 R16 84 H XL

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