Vredestein Wintrac Xtreme S - Launched

Vredestein have a loyal following in the UK. The Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta is loved by the ultra high performance market, and their Wintrac range of winter tyres are extremely well regarded.

This year they've replaced the Wintrac Xtreme with the Wintrac Xtreme S. Available in all common sizes between 16 and 20 inches, this is certainly a tyre worth checking out if you want to keep your high performance vehicle mobile in ALL conditions.

It's another Giugiaro designed tyre which means it has a nice sidewall and tread pattern, and it follows other premium manufacturers leads with locking sipes to allow a greater steering precision on wet and dry roads.

We've not had chance to drive one yet so we can’t give our opinion, but hopefully there will be some excellent user reviews left this winter season by early adopters.

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Full press release below:

Vredestein Wintrac xtreme S As the successor to the Wintrac xtreme, the Wintrac xtreme S was designed to counter harsh conditions in the coldest season. Superior grip and superb steering precision make the Wintrac xtreme S exceptionally safe on snow, ice and slush, as well as wet & dry cold surfaces. Internal Sipe Locking Technology (ISLT) takes the tyre to an even higher level, ensuring that the Wintrac xtreme S remains very stable at top speeds and, with the Y speed index, is suitable for the world’s fastest cars (up to 300 km/h). In addition to an excellent performance on Snow and Slush and its suitability for high Speeds, the winter tyre designed with Giugiaro provides a high level of Style. Hence the Wintrac xtreme S!

Impressive performance on snow, ice and slush An excellent grip and steering performance on snow, ice and slush are key features of the Wintrac xtreme S. Optimal traction and grip are assured by the large number of sipes on the tread in two types: The central block has straight sipes for maximum traction and a shorter braking distance on snow and ice, while the zigzag sipes in the shoulders ensure superior handling on slippery surfaces. The tread of the Wintrac xtreme S has two extra wide circumferential grooves. Combined with the V-grooves in the stable centre of the tyre, efficient drainage is assured along with an optimal grip on wet surfaces. In addition to the well-known M+S designation, the Wintrac xtreme S also carries the ‘Three Peak Snowflake’ symbol, allowing it to be sold as a winter tyre around the world.

Maximum steering position on snow-free roads The Wintrac xtreme S is the perfect tyre for severe conditions in the coldest season. Internal Sipe Locking Technology (ISLT) ensures that the tyre is also exceptionally stable in the rain and on snow-free surfaces. The technology enhances the stiffness of the sipes, for example when changing lanes or in bends. As the sipes grip together under pressure, the shoulders and the centre of the tread create firm blocks. This in turn provides a much improved steering feel and a more accurate response to steering movements. In short, the technology guarantees a high level of course and steering stability in all conditions.

Low rolling resistance and long lasting durability The tread compound has an improved polymer mixture with an optimised filling system. Combined with a new generation of silane this significantly increases durability and ensures many kilometres of comfortable driving. In addition, the unique combination also significantly reduces rolling resistance.

Premium Styling by Vredestein The Wintrac xtreme S was developed in close cooperation with various renowned partners in the automotive industry. In addition to Italdesign Giugiaro, which contributed to the design of the symmetrical, directional tread, Vredestein also partnered with premium car stylers such as Carlsson, HAMANN and MANSORY. The many years of experience of Apollo Vredestein and the collaboration with these premium car stylers have been blended with the most advanced technologies and the renowned Apollo Vredestein safety characteristics in the Wintrac xtreme S. As a result, the tyre easily meets the highest expectations as apply in the Ultra High Performance segment.

Vredestein Wintrac xtreme S size range

215 / 65 R 16 98 H
205 / 55 R 16 94 V XL
215 / 60 R 17 96 H
225 / 55 R 17 101 V XL
245 / 50 R 18 104 V XL
245 / 40 R 18 97 Y XL
235 / 45 R 19 99 V XL
235 / 40 R 19 96 Y XL
245 / 40 R 19 98 Y XL
275 / 35 R 19 100 Y XL
245 / 35 R 20 95 Y XL
275 / 30 R 20 97 Y XL

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