The Goodyear OptiGrip with SmartWear

The Goodyear OptiGrip is Goodyear's answer to the age old problem of wet weather performance degradation as the tyre wears. While other manufacturers are calling for the minimum tread depth to be raised from 1.6mm to 3mm (resulting in, amongst other things approximately 20% more sales) Goodyear decided to tackle the problem head on and make their tyres work throughout the life of the tread.

The resulting tyre has some interesting characteristics. Independently tested by the German organization T�V S�D Automotive (against two leading competitors over 30,000km (18750 miles) in April 2008, tyre size: 225/45R17; car: VW Golf 2.0 FSI; report #76230122-1) the OptiGrip delivers:
  • OptiGrip shows better straight aquaplaning resistance after 12,500 miles than brand-new competitor tyres
  • OptiGrip delivers 20% shorter braking distance on wet roads after 18,000miles
  • After 6,000 miles OptiGrip is 5% better than its two leading competitors, after 12,000 miles 7% better and after 18,000miles OptiGrip stops an incredible 20% shorter than its two leading competitors
To achieve this Goodyear have created a tyre with "SmartWear" which features a combination of two specially-designed compounds. The top compound, which has a sipe design with 3D interlocking technology in the upper section of the tread blocks, offers tread design stiffness that contributes to dry handling performance and high mileage. As the top compound wears, more of the bottom compound is progressively exposed. This compound is designed for increased grip in the wet and maintains among best in class wet braking and handling performance throughout the entire life of the tyre.

Having done back to back tests of a worn OptiGrip tyre against worn competitor tyres the difference this technology offers on a worn tyre in wet conditions is massive. Competition will follow, but until they do the Goodyear OptiGrip is the safest way to travel throughout your tyres tread life.

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The Goodyear Optigrip


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