Is true tyre price comparison finally here

Price comparison websites are big news online, with sites like Kelkoo and Pricerunner generating hundreds of millions of pounds worth of business for their retailers each year.

Despite the success of these ??shopping engines??, none have been able to feature tyres particularly well. This is partly due to the infancy of tyre retail online, and partly down to the very unique nature of tyre selling.

Recently has made a good attempt at offering this service but with their results just driven by tyre size, not tyre models it's not quite there. Thankfully things have just changed.

Tyre Searcher has recently launched in beta and seems to tick all the boxes. Developed by a friend of tyrereviews, it allows full tyre comparisons right down to the tyre model (eg Michelin Primacy HP). As the site goes through it's beta program more tyre retailers will be included making it an extremely useful tool for finding the right tyre at the right price online.

Whether these sort of ??shopping engines?? are good for the tyre industry or not is another debate, but for now this is a small step towards making tyre buying online a little easier.

If you have any thoughts on the website please share them below :)

Tyre Price Comparison at Tyre Searcher

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Thanks for mentioning our tyre price comparison website I'm glad you think we've done a good job. Just to clarify though, you can carry out a tyre model search on our system. You just need to type in the name of the tyre model you're looking for in the Keyword search field.

Kind regards

David Wilson - Publisher (
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Interesting that offers a comprehensive search from the outset. Your comments about Tyrepriceadvisor seem to be very misleading.
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