195/70 15 Tyres

The following tyres have been reviewed in 195/70 15.
Nokian WR C Cargo (1) 60% 100% 90% 100% 100% 100% 100% 93% 6,000
Lassa Wintus (2) 85% 80% 80% 80% 100% 70% 100% 85% 50,000
Continental VancoWinter 2 (2) 85% 75% 50% 70% 100% 90% 95% 81% 55,000
Dunlop SP Sport 01 (119) 78% 67% 70% 68% 69% 65% 58% 68% 2,355,806
Landsail LS988 (36) 75% 51% 58% 53% 71% 66% 52% 61% 175,032
Autogrip F107 (125) 57% 27% 44% 37% 60% 50% 28% 43% 1,112,261

195/70 15 Tyre Review Highlights

Nokian WR C Cargo rated 93% while driving a Porsche 911 3.0
Driving on mostly country roads for 6000 spirited miles
I just completed a road trip 8000 k's from london to the sahara and then through italy germany etc in winter. I hit some big big pot holes got out to inspect, they were good as new, which is what you want when your hundreds of wiles from the nearest town.
The car was a porsche 911 with 250 bhp and it was driven as hard as I could, giving the tyres a lot of punishment on tarmac, gravel, sand and snow. They were astonishing, just astonishing!!!!!!!
tyre reviewed on 2015-04-17 09:56:50
Lassa Wintus rated 86% while driving a Toyota Hi ace swb van
Driving on a combination of roads for 25000 average miles
The wintus tyres fitted to my Toyota hi ace have improved the drive-ability in snow and rain and are equal in the dry to the Michelin agilis that were on previously.puncture resistance and low wear have both been incredible and I will replace the old ones after more than 25000 miles for next winter
tyre reviewed on 2016-08-01 21:07:38
Lassa Wintus rated 84% while driving a Toyota Hi ace swb van
Driving on a combination of roads for 25000 easy going miles
My tyres have made an enormous difference in the winter snow and better than the michelin agilis in wet or damp spring and autumn conditions0 25000 miles completed to date and still ok on my hi ace van.just got my first puncture. Will buy again.
tyre reviewed on 2015-07-09 22:51:45
Landsail LS988 rated 81% while driving a Peugeot 406
Driving on a combination of roads for 2500 average miles
I bought a Peugeot 406 estate with a 2.1 turbo diesel engine from people in Wales. It was bought unseen (apart from a photo) on that well known but slightly infamous website. Oh dear! The front tyres were down to the tread-wear-indicators and would probably be illegal after a few hundred more miles. Basically the car had been run into the ground. (the brakes pads were almost finished as well) Considering the type of car it was an economical solution was going to be needed. I looked at part-worn tyres but some of them were hardly any better than what was on the car so not worth messing with. Some tyre fitters in Cardiff wanted over £70 per tyre but I found a good tyre fitters in Penarth Road that would fit new tyres and balance the wheels for less than £80! The rubber seems a bit soft so a high mileage was not going to be expected but so far the tyres are doing OK. I live in North Cornwall so a trip to London or the Midlands is a fair old run. So far I have not had any skidding at all which is more than can be said of the Peugeot 405 which can lock its wheels easily on wet greasy roads (the 405 has tyres of rather hard rubber and it has no ABS!) Some log book troubles have however caused the temporary retirement of the 406 which has been extremely annoying. As to the Land Sail tyres I find them excellent value for money.
tyre reviewed on 2013-10-12 01:36:09
Dunlop SP Sport 01 rated 79% while driving a Hyundai H100
Driving on a combination of roads for 45033 average miles
No comments left
tyre reviewed on 2018-01-29 10:47:07
Continental VancoWinter 2 rated 76% while driving a Mercedes Benz Vito
Driving on a combination of roads for 27000 average miles
I've ran these on our Vito camper for 3 years through winter and summer and they are excellent. They are excellent in the snow as expected and work well on muddy fields and beaches too.
In summer they are fine as long as you aren't expecting to be throwing it through the corners.
Wear has been excellent despite using all year round, covered 30,000 miles and have rotated front to back, still about 4mm on the front.
Wet braking could be better and you get that squishy rolly poly feeling as you get with winter tyres, quite noisy too but only noticeable at low speeds with the window open, after that wind noise takes over.
tyre reviewed on 2016-02-07 09:35:13
Autogrip F107 rated 0% while driving a Ford
Driving on mostly town for 1000 easy going miles
These tires are NOT safe at all. 
tyre reviewed on 2016-03-23 19:52:24
Autogrip F107 rated 0% while driving a Ford
Driving on mostly town for 1000 easy going miles
These tires are NOT safe at all. 
tyre reviewed on 2016-03-24 12:19:40
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