215/60 15 Tyres

The following tyres have been reviewed in 215/60 15.
Nexen N Blue HD Plus (42) 87% 83% 81% 78% 81% 86% 85% 83% 222,300
Vredestein Wintrac Xtreme (63) 83% 86% 82% 77% 87% 86% 90% 77% 725,444
Kumho Solus KH15 (24) 76% 69% 71% 60% 75% 80% 72% 72% 240,604
Goodyear Excellence (116) 79% 71% 72% 71% 72% 75% 62% 72% 2,514,856
Yokohama AS430 (4) 85% 75% 70% 50% 63% 83% 70% 71% 200,500
Goodyear Eagle NCT5 (88) 75% 61% 68% 61% 78% 69% 57% 67% 2,031,921
Pirelli P6000 (170) 66% 47% 55% 48% 67% 61% 38% 55% 2,433,782

215/60 15 Tyre Review Highlights

Nexen N Blue HD Plus rated 96% while driving a BMW 325d
Driving on a combination of roads for 7000 average miles
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tyre reviewed on 2017-10-06 09:35:37
Goodyear Eagle NCT5 rated 92% while driving a Porsche 944
Driving on mostly country roads for 2000 average miles
After installing these tires on my 944, it felt like a new car.
No more road noise and great grip.
tyre reviewed on 2010-10-07 21:32:16
Yokohama AS430 rated 89% while driving a Porsche 944
Driving on a combination of roads for 150000 spirited miles
I have owned 4 Porsche 944/968's (still have an '89 944 and a '95 968) plus BMW 5 and Mercedes E sedans. I've driven over 500,000 miles in these cars and had experiences with many different tires. My first 944 had Pirelli's on it and I hated those. Good dry handling but dangerous when wet, and they wore out really fast. I used Michelin Pilots on the sedans and was happy with them, but not at all for the sports cars (once was enough there...Pilots are not performance tires). I tried Kumho's and was happy but not elated, and then my friend at Big O tires recommended Yokohama AS430's. That was years ago and I've been using them since. I recently purchased a 1995 968 that's got Michelin Pilots on them. I don't need new tires yet, but I'm going in today to "upgrade" to the Yokohama's. The Michelins are loud, almost impossible to balance (could be mildly flat spotted, but we can't find them) and tracks poorly on uneven roads. I don't race at all, so for every day driving the Yokohama's are as close to perfect as one can expect. (Ps: My first set of AS430's were replaced after 7 years and over 50,000 miles only because they were getting too old and becoming brittle from being parked outside in the sun. The treads still looked at about 60% left).
tyre reviewed on 2009-04-17 21:51:25
Vredestein Wintrac Xtreme rated 89% while driving a Skoda Yeti 4 x 4
Driving on mostly country roads for 4000 average miles
Excellent grip in snow, wet and to an extent on ice as well. Dry grip good, but a bit noisy. Tyres have worn well over this winter, and have given me enormous confidence in the vehicle. Now switched to summers from mid March.
tyre reviewed on 2011-03-26 19:41:09
Goodyear Eagle NCT5 rated 85% while driving a Porsche 944
Driving on a combination of roads for 1000 spirited miles
Put a set of these on my car to replace some very disappointing Kumho KH15s and they have transformed my car!

The level of grip they offer is fantastic. With the Kumhos there was horrible understeer and no warning about losing grip - with the Goodyears the situation is totally resolved.

Plenty of grip, good warning about what is happening with the car and impeccable road manners - the perfect match to my 944.

It just goes to prove that you get what you pay for and quality shows!
tyre reviewed on 2009-03-17 14:53:44
Goodyear Excellence rated 70% while driving a Toyota Camry
Driving on a combination of roads for 26000 average miles
Bought these in Northern Ireland 2 years ago. Previously using Pirelli P60s. Excellences live up to their name in terms of ride comfort and dry handling. Little bit of slide in the wet. Down to the tyre bars now and am going to go for another set of the same. Well recommend them. Pricey in Ireland (EUR480 lowest quote for a set of 4, 650 highest so far).
tyre reviewed on 2010-09-21 16:55:21
Pirelli P6000 rated 54% while driving a Porsche 944
Driving on a combination of roads for 2000 spirited miles
New Pirelli P6000's were fitted to my car when I bought it - they're coming off as soon as I can find replacements. Dry grip is OK, but I've had better and the car felt nervous. Wet grip is atrocious. Almost no progression at all, car just snapped away as I pushed into bends - wouldn't recommend P6000 for spirited driving - they bite back!. Wear rate seems good and quite quiet on motorways. Not a tyre for me though!
tyre reviewed on 2008-04-28 15:40:54
Kumho Solus KH15 rated 30% while driving a Porsche 944
Driving on a combination of roads for 750 spirited miles
I put a set of these onto my 944S on the recommendation of the team at my local (not a national chain) tyre supplier; they told me that one of their team was a grass-roots racer and that he was delighted about these tyres.

I trusted their opinion and bought 4...

Disasterous! My car suddenly had understeer, where before it was beautifully neutral. There was no warning about the rear end breaking away and precious little feel when trying to get it back again. The performance in the wet was even worse and made my car frankly terrifying.

I've been driving for 20 years & have never experienced tyres affecting the performance of a car like these Kumho's did - I was shocked to say the least.

I approached the shop that had recommended them and after much discussion they agreed to upgrade to a better tyre, charging me only for the diffeence in price. I would like to say that this was great service but they whinged continuously and tried to make me feel like a bad person for not thinking the Kumho's were wondeful - to cap it all they didn't balance the wheels properly and I had to pay to get it rectified elsewhere - I'm not going to 'name and shame' because that's not fair, but suffice to say they've lost a customer for life...

I've just read that the all weather version of this tyre the KH16 has just become OE on all new Ford Focuses - all I can say is good luck because these things stink...

I wouldn't use these tyres again...
tyre reviewed on 2009-03-17 14:46:26
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