215/65 15 Tyres

The following tyres have been reviewed in 215/65 15.
Nankang N607 (6) 80% 75% 73% 85% 82% 82% 85% 80% 43,700
Triangle TR928 (3) 83% 70% 80% 80% 80% 83% 73% 79% 16,540
Fulda EcoControl HP (14) 81% 73% 77% 82% 77% 79% 74% 78% 44,840
Kenda Komet SPT 1 KR10 (6) 78% 52% 66% 70% 96% 86% 72% 74% 32,060
Michelin Energy XM2 (38) 79% 73% 73% 71% 85% 71% 67% 74% 715,350
Kumho Solus KH15 (24) 76% 69% 71% 60% 75% 80% 72% 72% 240,604
Nankang XR611 (21) 64% 41% 55% 54% 69% 59% 52% 56% 434,620
Lassa Competus HP (3) 77% 63% 50% 43% 10% 60% 85% 55% 22,600
Federal Super Steel 657 (8) 70% 51% 48% 51% 75% 55% 33% 55% 110,200
Marangoni Verso (38) 69% 48% 55% 47% 49% 54% 41% 52% 265,079
Bridgestone Supercat (4) 55% 35% 48% 55% 75% 45% 38% 50% 32,030
Primewell PS860 (2) 70% 50% 50% 50% 35% 30% 35% 46% 5,042

215/65 15 Tyre Review Highlights

Marangoni Verso rated 93% while driving a Toyota granvia
Driving on a combination of roads for 20000 spirited miles
THE BAD: I have had the Verso xl on a ford escort and OMG were they bad, wheel spin and slide on corners, the car came with them and I have to ask what fool put Xl (extra load) tyres on a escort. too stiff in sidewall = loss of grip/traction

THE GOOD: Have them on a Toyota Granvia 3.4 petrol V6 Trd supercharged van converted to camper, so weight is around 2000kg. they are absolutely the best tyre for a heavy vehicle, I can corner harder, body roll is reduced, generally it has stiffened things up and reduced understeer greatly which was my want. I run them at 39/41psi as xl tyres need higher pressure.
they are a bit louder than some.

ONLY run XL tyre if your load/weight is higher than average and they will flex and grip enough and you will get great wear.
Put XLs on a light fwd car and you may as well just run on your rims
tyre reviewed on 2014-03-11 20:55:02
Fulda EcoControl HP rated 90% while driving a Peugeot 807
Driving on a combination of roads for 6500 average miles
Excellent tyres. Comfy, great fuel economy and very quiеt.
tyre reviewed on 2014-01-31 14:19:50
Nankang N607 rated 87% while driving a Lancia Phedra 2.2 Diesel Common Rail
Driving on a combination of roads for 21700 average miles
Excellent tyres, driven for 35000km, without any problem, I'm now @ the m+s indicator: buy on Jan 2011 I'm now ready for second set.
On winter time are really close to the season tyre, during summer the only defect is that are little noisy on roundabout, but consumption is acceptable (I normally change tyres between 30000 to 40000km).
Price is very low in IT: 62-70€ per tyre (215/65 R15) therefore I'll re-buy the same.
tyre reviewed on 2013-08-20 16:49:12
Lassa Competus HP rated 86% while driving a Suzuki grand vitara
Driving on mostly town for 0 average miles
got some excellent advise and bought a set, seem to be very quite and a lot better than the kumo I had on
tyre reviewed on 2015-03-02 07:59:00
Nankang XR611 rated 81% while driving a Mazda Bongo Friendee
Driving on mostly country roads for 0 spirited miles
On my third set of these now, as I found them to be spot on. They are fitted to a Mazda Bongo 4wd, which use to chew through van tyres (due to load rating needed) every 10000 miles. These XR611's have been great. I am getting 30k miles from a set,(done around 120k miles in 6 years of ownership) and have never had any problems in the wet. I've had no problems with them off road or on snow either.....although I have Nankang snow tyres for winter use now...I hope to get a chance to use them this year!
tyre reviewed on 2012-11-02 15:40:05
Kumho Solus KH15 rated 80% while driving a Hyundai Trajet
Driving on mostly town for 2000 easy going miles
Only an idiot would put these on a Porshe! Absolutely fine on a 7 seater and half the price of the OEM Primacy which is nothing special.
tyre reviewed on 2009-04-09 14:44:14
Kenda Komet SPT 1 KR10 rated 76% while driving a Porsche 944
Driving on mostly town for 0 average miles
Did 20.000kms on them and they still have plenty of 1000's of miles to go! Very good in dry...the size of the tyres was bdaly chosen since it gave a very 'baloony' drive to my Porsche 944. However they wear brilliantly since they were subject to a lot of grippy conrnering! In the wet they were poor...although a 944 RWD will never be great in the wet but the tyres could grip better I thought. For the price I believe they are very good value for money!
tyre reviewed on 2011-01-25 16:27:26
Triangle TR928 rated 74% while driving a Kia Motors Sedona LE Auto
Driving on mostly motorways for 1507 average miles
Had two Triangle CNTT GLS TR928 TYRES speed rated H100 fitted to front (drive) wheels on 2005 Kia Sedona. 8mm new tread depth, driven 1507 miles, 70℅ of these motorway. Overall a decent budget to mid-range tyre and good value. Tyre + valve + balance + fit = paid £45.00 each tyre. Checked wear at 1507 miles & still at 8mm. Previous 'performance' tyres rotated to rear so expected reduced response on steer but no noticeable difference. Likewise with grip on dry roads where grip was very good. Grip on wet - when stopping and cornering I noted a little reduction in performance but not to where I would feel unsafe. When setting off on a wet road performance is poor, particularly on an incline where any excess engine speed causes tyres to slip, even on my Sedona which is an automatic?? Road noise slightly increased, particularly on concrete sections of motorway but not excessive. Comfort- when first fitted I felt the steering quite hard and wasn't happy feeling every lump and bump on an uneven surface. Checked tyre pressures to find tyre fitters had grossly over-inflated to 52lb PSI. Once reduced to manufactures recommended pressure there was a huge improvement. TIP: Reduced by a further 4lb PSI & improved grip on wet road when setting off and tyre is far from being 'under-inflated. On a budget I would recommend this tyre.
tyre reviewed on 2016-11-17 17:05:46
Federal Super Steel 657 rated 73% while driving a Mazda Bongo Friendee
Driving on a combination of roads for 20000 spirited miles
I am a little surprised by these tyres. I bought them because they were well priced. They have an M+S marking on the side wall. They don’t look much like a winter tyre but they have performed better than expected. I have them on a Mazda Bongo 4 X 4.
I was about to buy a mid range winter but will now not have to. The last two weeks I have travelled through the sort of conditions that have give them a good test. Soft snow above my axle’s they still pulled through. No use on ice but you would need studs for that. They don’t have an snowflake symbol so the compound must be all season rather than full winter spec. I will now sell my snow chains because I will never bring the Mazda through anything as challenging again.
They seem to be long lasting as well.
tyre reviewed on 2010-12-24 18:34:55
Michelin Energy XM2 rated 64% while driving a Honda CRV
Driving on a combination of roads for 20000 average miles
these tyres are quite worth the price for the qualities it has. economy wise abit of improvement hardly noticable. comfort is very good at first when new nearly no noise but now after awhile starting to get noisier. grip levels are good but its fitted on an suv so yea.. tread wear still very good even though this car has been known to eat tyres because of its small width and heavy weight.
tyre reviewed on 2016-04-04 15:05:19
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