Avon Turbosteel 70

Dry Grip 70%
Wet Grip 70%
Road Feedback 0%
Handling 0%
Wear 30%
Comfort 70%
Buy again 10%

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Given 50% while driving a Dodge Caravan (155/80 R13 S) on a combination of roads for 10,000 average miles
I'm posting this in response to information requested, because there are not yet any reviews of Avon TurboSteel tyres. I would advise against buying them because I had one that failed internally, resulting in a tyre the shape of a rugby ball! I noticed this after hooking up the trailer on which the TurboSteel tyres were installed: upon driving away the trailer started lurching around behind the car. Fortunately I noticed the strange movement and was able to stop safely to put on the spare wheel. The bad tyre still held the correct air pressure and had almost no tread wear (as would be expected of a tyre on a trailer with no drive, only moderate cornering and slight braking forces). Up until that point those tyres had rolled along smoothly and quietly, with no sliding on wet or dry roads. I cannot comment on how they would feel on a car, but after that premature disintegration despite careful driving and regular inspection (they were less than 5 years old), I always shop for tyre brands other than Avon.
1 - tyre reviewed on September 26, 2016