Avon ZZR

Dry Grip 91%
Wet Grip 64%
Road Feedback 70%
Handling 90%
Wear 74%
Comfort 71%
Buy again 84%

The Avon ZZR is a Trackday and Competition Summer tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Car

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Tyre review data from 9 tyre reviews averaging 78% over 33,900 miles driven.

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Top Avon ZZR Review

Given 83% while driving a Caterham R400 (215/55 R13) on track for 2,000 spirited miles
I use this tyre on my Caterham, gives astonishing levels of grip in the dry but not so much in the wet (It is a trackday/race tyre after all!) would highly recommend for track users
12 - tyre reviewed on September 6, 2012   

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Given 90% while driving a Ford Rs 1600 bda (225/60 R13 W) on track for 0 miles
Most hef DOT medium
0 - tyre reviewed on August 17, 2019   
Given 86% while driving a Caterham 1.6 K Roadsport (185/55 R15) on track for 2,000 spirited miles
Grippy, stays on boil on consecutive laps and lightweight construction makes it ideal for the likes of the Caterham 7 and Elise. Although not as useful in the wet as the ZZS and not as hardcore as a racing slick, it offers a sensible compromise between both.

I'd suggest this is primarily a track car though, not great for year round road use as it doesn't work well at low temperatures or in any standing water.
0 - tyre reviewed on April 5, 2019   
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Given 75% while driving a Renault Clio 182 Cup Pack (205/50 R15) on a combination of roads for 900 spirited miles
The dry grip from these tyres is astounding. It doesn’t matter how hard I try I cannot break traction (on the road) I’m extremely impressed by them. Mine are pumped up to 38psi though as they didn’t perform quality as well at 33. So just be sure to keep the pressure high in them and you’ll be laughing past c63 amgs in the corners.

Wet grip is a very different kettle of fish. You need to slow right down as they’re just outright dangerous. Aquaplanes very easily.
0 - tyre reviewed on August 21, 2018   
Given 73% while driving a Alfa Romeo 1.9 JTD M (225/40 R18) on mostly motorways for 7,500 average miles
I dont drive fast try to keep it smooth ,the fronts didn't last long,and broke away earlier than expected,the Alfa is no go-kart but on these (full set ) it was progressive understeer that let you know you had reached the limits of chassis, good on motorway gave confidence in wet conditions.pulled up well not that upset by uneven surfaces ,
7500 miles out of the fronts,plenty of wear left on rears.will have camber checked ,see if this improves handling
0 - tyre reviewed on February 25, 2017   

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