Constancy LY966

Dry Grip 30%
Wet Grip 10%
Road Feedback 10%
Handling 10%
Wear 100%
Comfort 10%
Buy again 10%

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Given 26% while driving a Volkswagen Golf MK6 1.6 tdi (205/55 R16 T) on a combination of roads for 2,000 spirited miles
these tyres are absoloutely terrible...i bought a second hand 2011 vw golf with a full set of these tyres on it and they are very dangerous, dry grip is shameful and there is no such thing as wet grip with these tyres its like driving in ice when it rains, the noise is awful once you pass 30mph. i tend to drive moderately fast and i have genuinely almost been involved in several accidents due to these tyres especially in the wet...two months after i bought the car i switched these tyres for pirelli p7 and the difference is like magic... constancy is not a real tyre brand
8 - tyre reviewed on November 5, 2016[timestamp]&rtu=-1