Continental ContiRoadAttack 2 Gran Turismo

Dry Grip 100%
Wet Grip 90%
Road Feedback 0%
Handling 0%
Wear 0%
Comfort 100%
Buy again 100%

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Given 98% while driving a Kawasaki zx9r (190/55 R17) on mostly country roads for 100 spirited miles
I bought these for my zx9r E2 and have only done 100 miles which I commute every day cross country on great biking A and B roads. When I rode out of the garage to start the scrub process they were actually twitchy for the first 30 miles like riding on ice. By 50 miles they felt normal but contiuned the scrubbing process. By 100 miles the confidence already feels very high but I can already feel that the grip in wet and dry due to conditions (fog, rain and dry intermittent patched) that they are truly planted. I cannot comment on lifing yet or the progressive limit but they feel very comfortable and absorb the poor UK road conditions well. I am hoping they last well but that is also down to how much right hand you dial in. Will keep you up dated. Not the cheapest but having been around the Conti factory as an Engineer visiting they are made in germany and the quality of finish is excellent. The rear tire required no weights it was perfect of a bike having done 20K miles. only 8grams on front so something they are doing is making them precise.
4 - tyre reviewed on September 8, 2015