Continental EcoContact 6

Dry Grip 86%
Wet Grip 82%
Road Feedback 77%
Handling 67%
Wear 43%
Comfort 83%
Buy again 55%

The Continental EcoContact 6 is a Premium Touring Summer tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Car

With the new EcoContact 6, Continental has launched a high technology summer tyre that delivers substantial improvements in terms of rolling resistance, mileage, steering precision and braking distances. Compared to its predecessor, the newcomer offers 20 percent higher mileage, 15 percent lower rolling resistance, even more precise handling and shorter braking distances on both wet and dry roads.

This tyre replaced the Continental Eco Contact 5

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Tyre review data from 13 tyre reviews averaging 70% over 83,114 miles driven.

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2019-04-04 - What is your opinion on Continental EcoContact 6 in compare to Continental Premium Contact 6? I need advice for 205/55/16 Kia Ceed '07.

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Top Continental EcoContact 6 Review

Given 84% while driving a Volkswagen Polo 1.4 16v (175/65 R14) on mostly town for 500 easy going miles
Nice , very nice and comford for my polo 9n.
Very stable when i drive for 120-150 kmh at motorways , warm early at town but note is very soft for long distance every day use .
Fine for daily use at town and a cool trip every weekend , thats all .
324 - tyre reviewed on October 19, 2018   

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Given 52% while driving a Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer (205/55 R16) on mostly town for 1,000 average miles
These are my first Continental tyres and will almost certainly be my last. I collected my Astra ST 1.6 diesel here in Singapore in mid Dec 19 and while it isn't the most powerful car on the planet it can certainly give the common-or-garden 1.6-litre Hyundai Avante or Civic a run for its money when it needs to. But these tyres undo everything that's right about the Astra. They're noisy on anything but freshly laid asphalt and are very eager to transmit surface imperfections while ironically not giving the driver much information on what the road beneath is doing. Just yesterday I had to execute a pretty quick U-turn in a rainstorm and the squeal that issued from them was louder than a pair of cut cats. They also look pretty ugly in high profile form, what with their tubby sidewalls and not much rim protection. Apparently they're cheap and bad enough that even our local tyre dealers wouldn't trade them in brand new... So I'll just live with them until they wear down (which shouldn't take long given they started out with only 6mm of tread...)
4 - tyre reviewed on January 7, 2020   
Given 71% while driving a Fiat Panda 4 x4 (225/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 4,300 easy going miles
Continental doesn't even have a complaint section on their site only a Technical Questions section, so no room for complaints.

Living in a mountaineous area with 11 kms of gravel road to pass and usually snow in the winter, I chose a Fiat Panda 4x4 as second car. It came factory-equipped with Continental WinterContact and happily spent the winter and most of the spring with them.

Summer came so I bought a set of 4 EcoContact 6 tires and the nightmare started.

Today I had my sixth puncture in less than 4 months, below 7.000 kms. Two times tires evenn needed to be replaced as the side wall got a 4-5 cms long cut. I am completey pissed off now!

Paid alltogether for 6 rather expensive EcoContact tires that proved to be completely useless – whereas the marketing bla-bla on their website never mentions thin side walls or that these tires would be suitable only for the smoothest asphalt.

Many years and kilometers spent on the same route with different tires and/or cars without any issues. Other tire set on the same car: Continental ContiCrossContact Winter; on other cars: a 30 years old Fiat Panda 4x4 on Vredestein Quatrac AllSeason; Dacia Logan on some cheap tires; Land River Defender on BFG AllTerrain KO1, Michelin Latitude.
13 - tyre reviewed on September 23, 2019   
Do winter tyres really work on supercars? Watch this video to find out!
Given 71% while driving a Opel Astra K 1.6 CDTI (205/55 R16 V) on a combination of roads for 6,000 average miles
I have this on my car since march this year and after aprox. 9000km they have 1mm wear (from 6.5 when they come in new to 5.5 this week). I drove around 1300km straight (prague-bucharest) in 15h and they felt stable at 200km/h on highway. I would not buy again because of the low profile (6.5mm new).
32 - tyre reviewed on July 18, 2019   
Given 75% while driving a Toyota Sienta (225/45 R17) on mostly town for 100 average miles
Just fitted a brand new set made in Slovakia, replacing almost 2 year old CPC5 of the same size that were worn down to 4mm.
Immediately I am already disappointed that the new EcoContact 6's brand new tread depth is only around 6mm!
All new tyres I've bought in the past start at 8mm. Other owners of this tyre seem to have noticed this as well and unless Continental explains this properly, it can be seen as an attempt to shortchange customers.

Performance wise, I noticed a marked reduction in rolling resistance, noise, and bumpiness vs the old CPC5. At downhill stretches in my daily work commute, my car actually now builds up speed rather than lose speed. I also noticed less need to tap on the petrol pedal to during coasting at low speeds. Tyres feel a bit 'floaty' than the CPC5.

They are very prone to squealing/screeching when turning at low speeds over car park painted flooring and it is very much louder than the previous tyres. Not sure if that's a good or bad sign. Dry grip seems to be good but no experience yet at wet emergency braking.

Will report back again once these tyres have gone through many more miles.
11 - tyre reviewed on July 2, 2019   
Given 54% while driving a Mazda mx 5 (225/45 R17) on mostly motorways for 6,000 easy going miles
The tires provide a great drive. The major disadvantage is, as already mentioned here by others, that the tread depth of the new tires is 6.5 mm or less.
Unacceptable for me. I will not buy Continental again, especially since they state on their website that 8-9 mm is normal for a new tire.
29 - tyre reviewed on April 25, 2019   

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