Cooper Discoverer A/T3 4S

Dry Grip 90%
Wet Grip 85%
Road Feedback 75%
Handling 90%
Wear 95%
Comfort 90%
Buy again 100%
Snow Grip 100%

The Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S is a Premium Touring All Season tyre designed to be fitted to SUV and 4x4

The Discoverer AT34S provides reliable performance for SUVs and light duty pick-up trucks. Featuring Adaptive-Traction Technology™, the Discoverer AT34S is designed to grip the driving surface, whether rocky or smooth, in hot or cold weather conditions. The tyre is constructed using an innovative silica-based tread compound and Cooper’s Sure-Grip™ five-rib, all-terrain pattern to provide off-road driving capability and excellent wet and dry traction. Its zigzag sipes improve vehicle stability while reducing stone retention, and uniquely shaped deep center grooves reduce hydroplaning. Severe weather rated, the Discoverer AT34S has patented saw tooth technology designed to trap snow in the tread to provide superior stopping distance on snowy surfaces. The AT34S is available in 37 sizes from 15-20 inch rim diameters.

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Tyre review data from 2 tyre reviews averaging 91% over 7,200 miles driven.

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225/70 R15 £78.40 - £89.30 (6 Prices) Compare Prices >>
265/70 R15 £85.70 - £100.90 (6 Prices) Compare Prices >>
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Given 93% while driving a Suzuki Jimny (225/70 R15) on a combination of roads for 0 easy going miles
Mounted these on my All New (2020) Jimny and it exceeded my expectations! Grip is excellent both in dry and wet conditions. Road noise is almost non existent (same if not better than the stock Dunlop Grantrek AT20) and there seems to be no negative impact on my fuel economy despite being wider and bigger (although I am a light footed driver). I get better handling on this especially when cornering primarily because it is much wider than the stock 195/80/r15 Dunlop's. I will surely buy these tires again in the future! I only clocked in about 2000 kms on this so it is still not showing any visible signs of wear.
0 - tyre reviewed on January 8, 2020   
Given 88% while driving a Nissan Pathfinder (265/70 R15 T) on mostly motorways for 7,200 spirited miles
I bought these on promotion for about 1/3 less than they go for now.
A handsome tire with good grip in all conditions. Unphased by heavy rain on the highway. Particularly amazing grip in deep snow in 4H or 4L. With 8" snow I was comfortably smashing up steep hills, stopping controlled and quickly, and VERY predictably 4 wheel drifting in the snow. Very good at expelling mud or snow from getting packed in the tread. Noise from tire is hardly noticeable compared to other tires in the category. Capable on and off road with an amazing 65,000 mile warranty.

MPG noticably decreased; my average mpg fell from ~18.5 to ~17 mpg in the past year. The tires squeal on concrete roads in wet conditions before they have warmed up. Pebbles stay wedged in between the tread and make clicking noises until the noise stops on the highway and some poor sod behind you got a rock chip. Tire feedback feels numb, but that blame can be shared with my 20 yr old suspension on a 4500# Nissan dinosaur. Also, the price skyrocketed after the positive reviews rolled in.

TL;DR These are class leading tires that punch above their, and their manufacturer's weight. Cooper marketing was spot on for the SUV driver that mostly keeps to the highway, but needs uncompromising off-road performance when duty calls. At the current $156/ea USD price online, I'd shop around or wait for a rebate. When first released I got the price down to ~$100/ea USD with a rebate.
0 - tyre reviewed on November 22, 2019   
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