GT Radial Adventuro A/T

Dry Grip 40%
Wet Grip 10%
Road Feedback 25%
Handling 30%
Wear 80%
Comfort 65%
Buy again 10%
Snow Grip 10%
Ice Grip 10%

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Given 34% while driving a Land Rover Discovery 3 (225/45 R17 H) on mostly motorways for 8,000 average miles
These tyres are shocking I'm running these on my discovery 3... I had a set of different tyres on before and I got told buy these the tyre fitting company said go for these gt radial adventurous honestly for £490 there the worst shocking in the wet crap on any road surface even in the dry you go round a roundabout my abs kicks in these tyres have no grip I go to a 4x4 course and honestly off road these are a bad tyre a bit of wet grass sloppy mud these tyres Don't grip there 100% a waste of money the only good thing is they don't hum on the motorway but that's the only good thing about these tyres honest answer... Crap.....
0 - tyre reviewed on December 1, 2019   
Given 28% while driving a Jeep Wrangler 2,8 CRD (265/70 R17) on a combination of roads for 15,000 average miles
Changing from BF Goodrich, which I was wearing, to this tyre was a very very bad decision.They convinced me that it was the same level tyre.
Of course it is half price but the risk you take is 10 times higher.
In the dry road it spins heavily. In the wet road is the biggest problem. Without 4x4 on you simply don’t go anywhere. If you do keep a 70 meter distance otherwise just pray.
The grip in the snow and off road is ok.
No matter how much I tried the tyre simply doesn’t wear off at all, which I don’t see as positive.
After almost 2 years I went back to BF Goodrich.
0 - tyre reviewed on September 24, 2019