Goodyear Assurance Triplemax

Dry Grip 90%
Wet Grip 90%
Road Feedback 80%
Handling 82%
Wear 84%
Comfort 82%
Buy again 90%

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Given 89% while driving a Nissan Juke (215/55 R17 V) on mostly motorways for 43 average miles
I changed to these after my stock tyres “expire” at 60,000km. I have been on Assurance Triplemax for close to 70,000km so far. The tyres are now 3 years plus old. One of the tyre sidewall is a little damaged after I drove a short distance with a puncture.

The tyres have good grip in dry condition. Wet condition grip is also very good. They seldom hydroplane, probably due to the deep & wide groves to channel water out. There is still decent amount of thread left, after 70,000km and tyre rotations every 10,000km. Unfortunately they don’t have it in Singapore or Malaysia at this moment. I will replace my current set in a heartbeat with Assurance Triplemax if they are still in market.
40 - tyre reviewed on January 20, 2018   
Given 86% while driving a (225/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 0 average miles
I had used for 10,000km for this tires. So far so good. The grip is superb especially for braking distance during dry and surprisingly during wet condition. Feel very confident on this tires. Comfort wise it was considered good also.
71 - tyre reviewed on December 28, 2016   
Given 90% while driving a Toyota Altezza (215/45 R17) on mostly town for 3,000 average miles
I am driving on my Toyota Altezza with this tyre. I felt a dramatic difference in the feel of the drive from my old tyre. This is a sporty car and entry level luxury car. Grip is superb even in high speed cornering. Reasonable price with all god features.I am driving in Colombo, Srilanka. Very triffic roads. Infrequently in highways too. I am not commenting about the durability now because of I drove only a 4000km on these tyres. However, I can assure it will last longer because even after 4000km, tyres are looking like new. Treadwear is 320. It is good. In short, this is a tyre with all features like grib, comfort and durability in good balance with reasonable price. Good tyre for a sporty and high profile car.
172 - tyre reviewed on May 13, 2015