Kumho Ecsta HM KH31

Dry Grip 81%
Wet Grip 73%
Road Feedback 76%
Handling 74%
Wear 72%
Comfort 78%
Buy again 74%
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Given 82% while driving a Peugeot (225/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 8 spirited miles
Better than the Goodyears and Accelera i've had and better than any budget tyres i've ever used.
0 - tyre reviewed on March 27, 2013   
Given 100% while driving a Peugeot 307 (205/55 R16 H) on track for 0 spirited miles
Very good tyres!
0 - tyre reviewed on March 19, 2013   
Given 79% while driving a Renault Megane (225/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 10 average miles
Great tyres for the price. Awesome grip in the wet and dry! Definitely would buy again. I don't understand people's bad reviews on this tyre because I have had no problems as yet!
0 - tyre reviewed on January 26, 2013   
Given 23% while driving a Ford Mondeo (205/55 R16 V) on a combination of roads for 6,000 average miles
These tyres turned My Mondeo from a sure footed, safe car into a nightmare, there is poor grip in the dry and grip is so bad in the wet I only use the car if I cannot walk.
2 - tyre reviewed on January 26, 2013   
Given 81% while driving a Jaguar XJ6 (225/60 R16 W) on mostly country roads for 4,000 spirited miles
Fitted a set of 4 of these as the car was purchased with a rubbish selection of old, leaky and worn tyres. Of course the car was transformed but like all Kumho tyres, they are very well balanced. They roll smoothly and quietly, appropriate for this car! Being very heavy and soft, the handling of the car isnt brilliant anyway, but these stick to the road and the car feels very confident, it wont easily overcome the tyres in normal or even spirited driving. ABS cuts in very late too which shows they can perform even on a large car. Off the line traction is great with no wheelspin. At speed there is no vibration and no tramlining, which these cars are prone too. I like Kumho tyres and these are no exception, also great value in this expensive size, highly recommended. They are also very resistant to aquaplaning and they look great too. Another plus is that the sidewalls look great with tyre shine on!
2 - tyre reviewed on January 14, 2013   
Given 61% while driving a Chevrolet Tacuma (195/60 R15 H) on a combination of roads for 5,000 average miles
Very noisy tyres. I'm very disappointed, next time will try KH17.
0 - tyre reviewed on September 29, 2012   
Given 99% while driving a Mazda 323f 1.8 GT (195/55 R15 W) on a combination of roads for 30,000 average miles
Fantastic tyres. After 2y testing (30 000 km+ driving). I can say, that they fit well. Quiet tyres with good grip on dry and wet tarmac. A little bit fragile especially after testing in Poland, when I lost 1 tyre in hole as big as big pizza. In my opinion kumho are better than michelin energy saver which I had previously. after 2y driving on kumho tyres still have similar opinion like at the beginning.
1 - tyre reviewed on May 6, 2012