Star Performer TNG HP

Dry Grip 90%
Wet Grip 70%
Road Feedback 50%
Handling 70%
Wear 50%
Comfort 80%
Buy again 70%

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Given 69% while driving a Smart roadster (205/50 R15 W) on mostly country roads for 5,000 spirited miles
not sure if i would buy again .... they are very good for the cost and are not dangerous like some cheap tyres i have bought previously. i have not really had the courage to test them at the limit in the wet, but they are very good in the dry and brake very well in wet and dry. appear resistant to aquaplaning. they have covered 5000 miles and show no signs of abnormal wear. They are not particularly noisy but also don't transmit much 'feel' from the road. They do give excellent value for money being 50% of the cost of mky preferred premium choice.
2 - tyre reviewed on September 29, 2013