Holden Crewman Cross 8 Tyres

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The following tyres have been reviewed on the Holden Crewman Cross 8
Yokohama Geolander AT S (12) 84% 80% 83% 75% 85% 81% 86% 79% 249,127
Accelera PHI (134) 69% 46% 54% 53% 67% 59% 51% 57% 1,183,762
Maxtrek SU830 (5) 54% 32% 42% 42% 38% 40% 28% 39% 21,800

Holden Crewman Cross 8 Tyre Review Highlights

Writing about the Yokohama Geolander AT S given 89% (225-45-17-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 15 average miles
great tyre
tyre reviewed on 2013-09-04 06:53:15
Writing about the Accelera PHI given 54% (275-30-20-W)
Driving on a combination of roads for 20 average miles
Normally I wouldn't bother giving an opinion on anything unless there is a serious problem. Well these tyres have a serious problem, after a recent tyre check I found one tyre had lost some pressure so went to servo to pump tyre up it was then that I noticed what looked like a cut had been placed around the outer circumference of the tyre. On closer inspection on all four tyres we found that all the tyres had the same cut mark,
The cut mark turned out to be a crack around the outside rim of the tyre just under where the tread starts there seems to be a rubber protrusion just at the edge of the crack, it is about 1mm x1mm and all four tyres have cracked at this same exact point and from a quick glance It is nearly unnoticeable and that is from the outside so from the inside of the wheel on the car you would not see it at all.
What was evident on closer inspection was that the crack line was clean as in the outside of the tyre was dirty from road grime but inside the crack it was just like new rubber been cut with a knife ( my first thoughts but it is just too neat it would have to be done on a machine or a design fault.)
These cracks appeared over a three week period I am guessing and are as much as 6-8mm deep. My opinion is these tyres are a death trap just waiting to happen and I could not sleep at night if I didn't say something to someone.

Please someone look into the manufacturer of these tyres and save some lives.........please

I am from Australia and from what I can gather they have no warranty here and that would not help the people that were killed when one of these tyres let go!!! They are load and speed rated and apparently meet Aussie standards....??? What is wrong with this world.
tyre reviewed on 2016-12-28 09:39:59
Writing about the Maxtrek SU830 given 29% (225-45-17-)
Driving on for 0 miles
cracked and weather worn in 36 mths? made of nylon and polyester? absolute bad handling whether wet, dry or indifferent, have no ''wear'' to speak of but are giving way in the ''steel'' belt. DEFINATELY DO NOT TAKE ANY PASSENGERS, IF YOU WANT TO RISK YOUR OWN LIFE THAT'S DIFFERENT...
tyre reviewed on 2018-06-13 13:12:53
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