SEAT Leon ST TDI FR 184 Tyres

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The following tyres have been reviewed on the SEAT Leon ST TDI FR 184
Blacklion BH66 (1) 100% 0% 80% 80% 80% 80% 100% 87% 10,000
Uniroyal Rainsport 5 (7) 86% 90% 83% 89% 80% 77% 77% 83% 6,350
Rapid p609 (14) 68% 52% 53% 56% 56% 56% 36% 54% 109,472

SEAT Leon ST TDI FR 184 Tyre Review Highlights

Writing about the Blacklion BH66 given 87% (225-35-19-)
Driving on mostly motorways for 10000 miles
No comments left
tyre reviewed on 2019-06-08 13:25:53
Writing about the Uniroyal Rainsport 5 given 64% (225-40-18-W)
Driving on a combination of roads for 4000 average miles
No comments left
tyre reviewed on 2020-02-01 16:28:50
Writing about the Rapid p609 given 53% (225-45-17-W)
Driving on mostly country roads for 8000 average miles
Fitted by car supermarket to the front wheels prior to me buying the car.

These are not great tyres. They are about £35 fitted and you can see why.

They actually did okay over the warm, dry summer. Car not pushed that hard but struggled when accelerating hard from a standing start. Traction control kicked in, in the dry... Not great.

Thought they would be okay and will swop out when part worn. Then it rained. A lot. OMG - they have at least 6mm of grip and I thought I'd aquaplane. Hit any standing water, even at 60mph and you don't feel safe. Cornering and acceleration require gentle handling or you'll spin out. Feels like a higher quality tyre when it's at 2mm and starts to feel a little slippy. Shouldn't be like that when 6m old.

Mine are an XL tyre and the feedback is a bit stiff. They'll do a job if you want to potter around but I really don't think they belong on a FWD 184bhp TDI. I don't even drive it that hard.

My previous car had Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance on them and they may cost more, but I can't drive this winter with such rubbish tyres. I have no faith in them at all.
tyre reviewed on 2018-09-22 23:14:23
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