Toyota Prius Tyres

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The following tyres have been reviewed on the Toyota Prius
Federal Xtramile XR01 (1) 100% 100% 80% 100% 100% 70% 80% 90% 50,000
Nokian WeatherProof (25) 81% 88% 81% 81% 74% 89% 79% 86% 219,414
Dunlop Winter Sport 5 (30) 87% 87% 80% 80% 85% 82% 83% 85% 203,000
Uniroyal RainExpert (129) 85% 91% 81% 76% 75% 86% 85% 83% 1,253,762
Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance (209) 88% 86% 78% 79% 74% 86% 75% 81% 2,711,080
BFGoodrich gForce Winter (18) 84% 79% 75% 76% 82% 83% 81% 80% 197,800
Vredestein Quatrac 3 (48) 81% 86% 78% 75% 76% 76% 80% 79% 539,402
Dunlop SportMaxx RT (159) 89% 86% 83% 82% 59% 83% 69% 79% 1,462,323
Michelin Energy Saver (120) 84% 73% 76% 72% 86% 80% 71% 77% 2,703,008
Avon ZV5 (110) 84% 79% 77% 78% 71% 78% 74% 77% 1,381,255
Dunlop Sport BluResponse (157) 88% 86% 80% 76% 60% 83% 66% 77% 1,450,746
Kumho Ecsta PS71 (23) 91% 84% 79% 76% 76% 69% 61% 77% 134,385
Hankook K425 Kinergy Eco (46) 84% 78% 78% 75% 72% 79% 70% 76% 720,364
Michelin Primacy HP (196) 85% 75% 77% 74% 76% 76% 65% 75% 4,323,594
Maxxis MA Z1 Victra (64) 88% 77% 73% 77% 71% 66% 73% 75% 818,878
Bridgestone Turanza ER300 (178) 83% 76% 77% 72% 77% 70% 67% 75% 3,752,546
Bridgestone DriveGuard (23) 86% 86% 79% 75% 45% 72% 60% 72% 287,860
Radar RPX20 (1) 80% 80% 80% 80% 80% 80% 20% 71% 2,000
Michelin Energy (40) 70% 63% 58% 62% 85% 75% 63% 68% 920,474
Firestone RoadHawk (22) 87% 81% 73% 60% 51% 78% 48% 68% 101,450
Tigar Sigura (10) 77% 73% 72% 64% 61% 67% 61% 68% 105,187
Bridgestone Turanza ER33 (10) 78% 54% 67% 62% 93% 67% 53% 68% 234,659
Goodyear EfficientGrip (122) 77% 66% 61% 59% 70% 71% 53% 65% 1,484,297
Bridgestone Turanza ER30 (42) 78% 61% 66% 61% 71% 56% 48% 63% 1,018,238
Firestone TZ100 (8) 71% 60% 65% 63% 59% 49% 38% 58% 190,000
Yokohama BluEarth S34 (2) 70% 50% 55% 55% 50% 35% 15% 47% 17,000
Bridgestone Turanza T002 (3) 85% 50% 30% 15% 65% 65% 10% 46% 70,598
Falken Sincera SN211 (2) 50% 40% 40% 55% 30% 35% 10% 37% 10,050

Toyota Prius Tyre Review Highlights

Writing about the Nokian WeatherProof given 100% (175-65-14-T)
Driving on a combination of roads for 2000 average miles
Brilliant tyres!
I bought all seasons on this car because we don't use it much, although in my country winter means even -26 degrees, and snow over half of meter high.
This tires are the best winter tires possible: the grip on asphalt, concrete, snow or ice is incredible.
If they are marked all season just to confirm that they perform acceptable in the summer, I believe other manufacturers and tyre models should just be closed.
You just don't need another tyre.

I have Nokian WR D4 and A3 as winter tyres on my other cars, among other types on the cars within the family, and now I now, next time there is a need for tyre change, I will just get the Nokian Weatherproof, as they are on par, or even better than the mentioned ones.
The first place in most of the tests that it has been through is very well deserved.

Good job Nokian!
tyre reviewed on 2016-01-21 22:06:50
Writing about the Dunlop SportMaxx RT given 100% (225-45-17-)
Driving on mostly town for 20000 easy going miles
great tyres in dry and wet being a taxi driver i have had virtually every brand on various taxis and this tyre so far is the best michelin primacy 3 comes close but would recommend the dunlop maxx rt. fitted these tyres oct 2013 and having travelled 20,000 miles i now need to replace the fronts and the backs are still ok. most of my driving is in the city and the wear has held up well to all the cornering but i must say i barely get above 45mph may be this is why i have got good mileage out of them.
tyre reviewed on 2014-03-16 11:22:24
Writing about the Avon ZV5 given 94% (205-55-17-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 1000 average miles
Very impressive tyre. I have never experienced a mid-range tyre this good. My previous car was a Vectra SRI with michelins on and it was lacking grip at the front. To give you an idea, at one particular corner in a chelmsford single carriageway (60mph speed limit), I could only take it at 30mph max in the Vectra with Michelins. However, with the Avons on a Toyota Prius, I could easily take the same corner at 40mph with no problem at all. Even the arrogant A6 behind me couldn't keep up with me around this corner despite tailgating me aggressively for the previous mile or so. They don't like losing to a Prius! I don't know if the Prius is a better car or not but I am very impressed by these Avons. They feel extremely comfortable so maybe they are very soft tyres. Hopefully they will last long. Only time will tell. Good job Avon!
tyre reviewed on 2012-07-23 23:39:10
Writing about the Bridgestone DriveGuard given 93% (225-55-16-V)
Driving on a combination of roads for 13000 average miles
When I first got this car it was 3 years old and I kept it on the original Bridgestone tyres up until approx 2 years ago I will say that the Drive Guard has transformed this car. The only downside is the ride is hard but you feel like you have control and when you hit a pot hole it seems to just glide over them. I do not think they are noisy and I have found that since fitting these the car has no over or under steer and where you point it it goes. Also Tyre wear is good for this type of tyre (less than half worn on front wheels at this millage) and Yes I will replace them with same when they are worn.
tyre reviewed on 2019-07-09 08:51:53
Writing about the BFGoodrich gForce Winter given 91% (215-45-17-T)
Driving on a combination of roads for 200 easy going miles
I just drove over 300 km in full snow and -8 degrees; very good grips in snow and spectacular performance in flaccidity. I had some emotions regarding an uphill but everything was perfect. I recommend the acquisition for any type of car.
tyre reviewed on 2016-01-18 13:57:27
Writing about the BFGoodrich gForce Winter given 91% (215-45-17-H)
Driving on a combination of roads for 2000 average miles
Very good tires, very quiet and good feedback in the snow.
tyre reviewed on 2016-01-14 10:22:52
Writing about the Federal Xtramile XR01 given 90% (195-65-15-)
Driving on mostly town for 50000 easy going miles
I have used in my Prius 2011 and life of tyre is morenthan any tyre i have seen. Comfort is good not very soft luke yokohama.

Negative this is that weight of tyres are very high whicb increase life of tyre but give heavy ride overall
For 1.5L+ car I strongly recommend

Its recommended for those as well who’s drive is high because u can even use these tires for 100k Kilometre
tyre reviewed on 2017-12-26 13:20:11
Writing about the Kumho Ecsta PS71 given 87% (215-45-17-W)
Driving on a combination of roads for 10500 average miles
I did some 17.000 km on these tires. The grip is still on the same level, no matter the road, dry or wet. Slowly showing some signs of ware, but still pretty much all of the profile available still - the "checkered" flag marking disappeared on fronts, still some visible on the rears.
Had some problems with vibrations, but after rebalancing these tires are really comfortable. They are a bit louder than when they were new, especially during city braking.
They are not as "eco" as the Michelin Primacy HP I had before, maybe about 0,3-0,5 l/100 km of fuel consumption more, but on the other hand the car really drives nice and also give more information about what is going on under the tires.
Definitely the Kumho Ecsta PS71 are on par with the premium tires (at least comparing to Michelins which were fitted prior), but for a fraction of the price.
tyre reviewed on 2017-08-29 21:34:19
Writing about the Uniroyal RainExpert given 87% (195-55-16)
Driving on mostly town for 12000 easy going miles
Got this tyre after a traumatic wet+cold braking experience with Bridgestone ER30. This is a safe and confortable (I guess the central rolling band on sizes >195 might help with that), economical tyre that won't let you down when you need it the most. Suitable for moderately cold climates where wear is actually very good so far, but don't take it for a highway trip when it's 30C outside or it'll age much quicker. Fuel economy is plain bad (I suspect inversely correlated, just like wear, to wet road handling, especially on inexpensive tyres). 2 years after this Bridgestone scare that prompted me to switch to Rainexpert, I had the same type of emergency braking, only much, much worse (faster ~25mph, on 3cm of fresh snow rather than cold rain, steep descent + corner, fully loaded car) and came safely to a stop after a bit of ABS intervention. They're not "good" on snow, just not plain dangerous, which can be nice as I'm not going to buy snow tyres for one day of snow per year, nor do I want to have an accident on that day every year! Can't comment on feedback or handling at the limit as these are mounted on a Prius.
tyre reviewed on 2015-03-05 12:57:31
Writing about the Bridgestone Turanza ER300 given 87% (195-55-16-H)
Driving on mostly town for 40000 easy going miles
Just bought my third pair of Bridgestone ER300's!
They are not perfect, but do most things very well.
Before the most recent purchase (Dec 12)I scanned the tyre reviews on this site. Goodyear / Michelin / Dunlop... Some said good things, others said poor things. But Bridgestone tyres didn't seem to get any bad reviews. (But they didn't get any rave reviews either.) I'd guess I'd agree with the other reviewers - they are not fantastic tyres, but they do everything quite well.

Good mileage - 21000 miles had the front tyres down to 2.5mm. Previous Dunlops and Continentals were down to the same depth of tread on 10000 miles...
tyre reviewed on 2012-12-18 19:41:57
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