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Maxxis M6029 Supermaxx (10) 85% 74% 79% 82% 71% 80% 79% 79% 25,921

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Writing about the Maxxis M6029 Supermaxx given 63% (225-45-17-)
Driving on mostly country roads for 4000 spirited miles
Bought these tyres after reading the reviews on this very site, also the price swayed me :). I have managed to get around 4000 miles from these tyres with around half being motorway miles and half been local A roads around my home, after scrubbing the tyres in first impressions were good, riding through summer they seemed to give plenty of grip allowing me to get my knee down and footpeg scrapping on most round abouts and suitable corners. They aren't fool proof and when really pushing hard out of a corner they do struggle a little and squirm around but I think that's to be expected, they are a budget tyre after all. Wear seemed pretty good with no real squaring until around 2500 miles when I took the bike to the nurburgring via Belgium and France with the missus and luggage. The extra weight really seemed to kill the last couple of mm tread even when pumped up to correct pressure so not sure on suitability for heavier bikes, also found it to be dangerous in the wet when it had squared off but fine in the dry, overall a good tyre that I'd use again unless planning another big trip
tyre reviewed on 2012-09-24 07:28:59
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