Hankook Kinergy 4S

Dry Grip 78%
Wet Grip 72%
Road Feedback 69%
Handling 69%
Wear 79%
Comfort 81%
Buy again 75%
Snow Grip 80%
Ice Grip 80%

The Hankook Kinergy 4S is a High Performance All Season tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Car

This tyre has been replaced by the Hankook Kinergy 4S2

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Tyre review data from 10 tyre reviews averaging 76% over 98,500 miles driven.


Latest Group Test Results

2018 ADAC All Season Tyre Test - 8th of 11 tyres

  • Positive - Low wear.
  • Negative - Weak in the snow and on wet roads.

2018 Auto Bild SUV All Season Tyre Test - 5th of 10 tyres

  • Positive - High resistance to aquaplaning, well priced.
  • Negative - Higher noise levels, long braking distances on snow and dry roads.
  • Overall - Recommended.

2017 All Season VS Winter Tyre Test - 9th of 11 tyres

  • Positive - Good dry handling
  • Negative - Poor snow handling, longest wet braking, poor wet handling
Size Fuel Wet Noise Weight
165/65 R13 77T REP E C 71 5.49kgs
175/65 R13 80T REP E C 71 6.04kgs
155/70 R13 75T REP E C 71 5.23kgs
155/80 R13 79T REP E C 71 5.45kgs
185/55 R14 80H REP E C 71 6.49kgs
165/60 R14 75T REP E C 71 5.59kgs
185/60 R14 82H REP E C 71 7.03kgs
185/60 R14 82H REP E C 71 6.84kgs
155/65 R14 75T REP E C 71 5.56kgs
165/65 R14 79T REP E C 71 6.04kgs
175/65 R14 86T XL REP E C 71 6.78kgs
175/65 R14 82T REP E C 71 6.74kgs
175/65 R14 86T XL REP E C 71 7.24kgs
185/65 R14 86T REP E C 71 7.37kgs
165/70 R14 85T XL REP E C 71 6.50kgs
165/70 R14 81T OE C C 69 5.84kgs
175/70 R14 88T XL REP E C 71 6.98kgs
185/70 R14 88T REP C C 71 7.01kgs
195/50 R15 82H REP E C 72 7.21kgs
175/55 R15 77T REP E C 71 6.63kgs
185/55 R15 86H XL REP E C 71 7.20kgs
185/55 R15 86H XL REP E C 71 7.48kgs
195/55 R15 85H REP E C 72 8.20kgs
195/55 R15 85H REP E C 72 7.91kgs
155/60 R15 74T REP E C 71 5.67kgs
195/60 R15 88H REP E C 72 7.77kgs
205/60 R15 91H REP C C 72 8.26kgs
165/65 R15 81T REP E C 71 6.28kgs
165/65 R15 81T REP E C 71 6.47kgs
175/65 R15 84T REP E C 71 6.92kgs
185/65 R15 88H REP E C 71 7.94kgs
195/65 R15 91V REP E C 72 8.66kgs
195/65 R15 95T XL REP E C 71 9.37kgs
195/65 R15 95H XL REP E C 71 9.35kgs
195/65 R15 91H REP E C 72 8.82kgs
195/65 R15 91H REP E C 72 8.81kgs
195/65 R15 95T XL REP C C 71 9.32kgs
205/65 R15 94H REP C C 72 8.82kgs
215/45 R16 90V XL OE C E 71 8.53kgs
195/55 R16 87H REP E C 72 8.39kgs
195/55 R16 87V REP E C 72 8.35kgs
195/55 R16 87H REP E C 72 8.34kgs
205/55 R16 94V XL REP E C 72 9.39kgs
205/55 R16 94V XL REP E C 72 9.28kgs
205/55 R16 91H REP E C 72 9.49kgs
215/55 R16 97H XL REP C C 72 10.01kgs
215/55 R16 97V XL REP C C 72 10.55kgs
225/55 R16 99V XL REP C C 72 10.99kgs
195/60 R16 89H OE B C 66 8.50kgs
205/60 R16 92V REP C C 72 9.35kgs
205/60 R16 92H OE B E 67 9.05kgs
205/60 R16 92H OE C B 71 9.39kgs
215/60 R16 95V REP C C 72 10.21kgs
215/60 R16 99H XL REP C C 72 10.53kgs
225/60 R16 102H XL REP C C 72 11.01kgs
215/45 R17 91V XL REP E C 72 9.04kgs
225/45 R17 94V XL REP E C 72 9.96kgs
235/45 R17 97V XL REP E C 72 10.91kgs
205/50 R17 93V XL REP C C 72 9.55kgs
215/50 R17 95V XL REP C C 72 10.40kgs
215/50 R17 95V XL REP C C 72 10.69kgs
215/50 R17 91H OE C B 66 9.12kgs
205/55 R17 91V OE B C 71 8.95kgs
205/55 R17 95V XL REP C C 72 10.47kgs
215/55 R17 98W XL REP C C 72 10.72kgs
225/55 R17 101V XL REP E C 72 11.61kgs
215/60 R17 96H REP C C 72 10.59kgs
225/60 R17 99H REP E C 72 11.52kgs
215/65 R17 99H REP C C 72 10.71kgs
225/65 R17 102H REP E C 72 12.27kgs
235/65 R17 108V XL REP C C 72 13.72kgs
225/40 R18 92V XL REP E C 72 10.00kgs
235/50 R18 101V XL REP C C 72 12.65kgs
215/55 R18 99V XL REP C C 72 11.33kgs
255/55 R18 109V XL REP C C 73 15.05kgs
235/60 R18 107V XL REP C C 72 12.99kgs
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155/65 R14 £41.04 - £52.87 (10 Prices) Compare Prices >>
165/70 R14 £44.05 - £60.54 (26 Prices) Compare Prices >>
175/65 R14 £46.08 - £55.84 (2 Prices) Compare Prices >>
175/70 R14 £84.50 - £103.87 (8 Prices) Compare Prices >>
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Top Hankook Kinergy 4S Review

Given 87% while driving a Mitsubishi Lancer 1.8 4 Door (2008) (225/45 R17) on mostly country roads for 3,000 average miles
These tyres replaced some nasty Nankang tyres however on my other cars i run Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2.

First impressions have been good, the wet grip is night and day in comparison to cheaper brand tyres, they handled a 70 - 0 emergency stop when a lorry pulled out in the wet very well. the car feels a lot more composed and competent. The real test will be how they cope with snow (if we get any) and how they wear during the summer months. For a everyday car they seem a good all round Tyre with the potential to offer added safety in the winter months at a good price and without the hassle of changing to winter rubber. For sporty and powerful vehicles i believe that the best is still a dedicated winter tyre and summer tyre.
39 - tyre reviewed on December 17, 2015   

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Given 84% while driving a CitroŽn C3 (175/70 R14 T) on a combination of roads for 16,000 average miles
Replaced some old Hankook summer tyres in October 2015 with these Hankook H740 4S tyres as I wanted better wet and snow grip. I was limited for choice due to uncommon tyre size and didn't want directional tyres as I had a full size alloy spare. The 2nd day after fitting I had to travel on the M62 and was caught in a torrential rain storm. Cars if front of me started drifting all ways after hitting a huge area of standing water, so I braced myself, but needn't have worried. These Hankook H740 4S tyres took it all in their stride and the car stayed in a straight line with no effort from me. Handling is great in all conditions. They have now done 16,000 miles and at my last service 2 months ago I was told they would easily last another year at least, based on my requirements, as I always replace tyres when the tread gets below 4mm. I shall replace them with the same ones when required.
3 - tyre reviewed on January 18, 2019   
Given 44% while driving a Volkswagen up! (165/70 R14 Q) on a combination of roads for 10,000 spirited miles
Dangerous in wet breaking. ABS always on, wet seems snow. Bad even in dry roads. Never again
8 - tyre reviewed on June 24, 2018   
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Given 100% while driving a Volkswagen Golf 1.9 Tdi (205/55 R16) on a combination of roads for 23,000 average miles
This is an update to my previous review, to report on the snow performance.

Scotland had a wee bit of bad weather at the start of March '18. For reasons I won't get into on here, I was required to drive through the red weather warning on both days, and the subsequent amber warnings of the rest of the week and this gave me a good opportunity to assess performance in snow/slush and ice. The front tyres had around 5mm left in them (having been swapped after doing 18k on the rear), the rears were effectively brand new, maybe a few thousand miles since fitting.

And that performance was exceptional.

Motorways were cleared, but icy in places. They never feit like they were going to let go without warning. They did give enough feedback to allow easing off before anything went pear shaped.

Surface streets were variable quality, with some roads in excess of 12" of snow. Others had slush and others a mix of hard pack and fresh snow. And we charged on through. Even fairly steep hills were dispatched without drama, just an occasional touch of traction control for some of worst parts. These tyres on this car means I'm getting to my destination regardless.

Now, a downside... during the snow, I damaged 2 of them (potholes can still bite when they're hidden). Thankfully, I've managed to source some replacements, they're fitted, and I'm a happy bunny again.
2 - tyre reviewed on March 18, 2018   
Given 81% while driving a Toyota Yaris (175/65 R14) on a combination of roads for 3,000 easy going miles
Have you ever wondered how the snow plow driver gets to work in the middle of the worst snow. These tyres no 4x4 required.
10 - tyre reviewed on March 6, 2018   
Given 79% while driving a Volkswagen Golf 1.9 Tdi (205/55 R16) on a combination of roads for 18,000 spirited miles
My car was bought 2nd hand from a well known Scottish car dealer network, and had been fitted with some of their own branded tyres. They lasted less than a week before they were binned.

So, January of 2017 saw a set of Kinergys fitted. And they worked well in the snow, very well. They were also quite impressive in some of the torrential rain we had through the year, and pretty good in the 2 days of sunshine that passes for a Scottish summer.

I drive an estate, and tend to lug a fair amount of kit everywhere, and in an enthusiastic fashion. They've been good in almost all conditions except for some occasional understeer on a rather tight mini roundabout near home. But that's only ever been when the conditions have been greasy. Performance in heavy rain on motorways has been on a par with some of the more expensive rubber I've had fitted to other similar vehicles. But the winter performance has been impressive.

Wear has also been acceptable. Roughly 18000 miles done, the fronts are below 4mm, the rears are still above 6mm. Purely as a precaution, and because of the long term weather reports, the fronts were replaced with more of the same in the last few weeks. And, again, they have proven to be good in the snow and cold temps of the last month. At £50 a corner, they're exceptionally good value, and will be a permanent fixture on this particular vehicle for the foreseeable future.
6 - tyre reviewed on November 25, 2017   

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