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Until recently it's been impossible as you can't control the weather, and even if you started to test at a certain temperature outdoors, the weather would change through the test (it takes about an hour to do 5 sets of tyres in braking testing!) Now, thanks to Test World in Northern Finland, we've been able to test summer, CrossClimate, all season, winter and nordic winter tyres in dry and wet braking at 0c, 2c, 6c, 10c, 15c! We've also tested the snow performance of all the tires.

Featured: 2019 Premium VS Budget Winter Tyres

Are cheap winter tyres safe? To find out, we travelled to Finland, twice, to do snow, ice, wet and dry testing.

All tests were done using two cars, a VW Golf wearing 205/55 R16 tyres, and a heavier, larger Volvo S90 fitted with 245/45 R18 tyres.

Winter tyre buying can be a confusing challenge, as there are now six types of tyre you can realistically fit to your car. But which is best? To find out, I test summer, all season, all weather, winter, extreme winter and studded tyres in dry, wet, snow and ice testing, covering handling, braking and grip.

Winter Tyres on a Supercar?

Winter tyres help cars stay mobile in wintery and snowy conditions, but at what price?

Due to the siping needed for the winter tires to work in snow and ice, a winter tyre often makes a cars steering feel light and vague, which is the last thing you want on a supercar like the Porsche 992 911 Carrera 2S. Modern ultra high performance winter tyres promise to retain steering and handling feel, while allowing the car to be used in the snow, and the new Michelin Pilot Alpin 5 is one of the best at this.

To find out exactly how good they are, I drive a Porsche 992 911 Carrera 2S from England, to the Swiss part of the Alps, and document the journey including steering feel, snow and ice performance, handling, comfort, noise etc.

In their second SUV / 4x4 all season tyre test of 2019, Auto Bild have tested ten all season tyres in 235/65 R17, and included the usual summer and winter tyre as benchmarks.

2019 Auto Center Winter Tyre Test

The 2019 Auto Center winter tyre test is both good and bad. The positive is that out of ten 205/55 R16 patterns, it only includes two premium manufacturers. This means we get a much better look at the midrange bracket of winter tyres, which is great for those of us who want to save a little money, and all ten patterns on test have been tested for ice braking and traction which is now usually omitted from central European tyre testing.

For their third winter tyre test of 2019, Auto Bild have stepped up the fun and fitted an Audi S5 with eleven sets of 255/35 R19 ultra high performance winter tyres, and included the usual set of reference summer tyres!

Following on from a win in Auto Express, the new Goodyear UltraGrip Performance+ takes its second win of 2019, once again proving to have a near flawless blend of qualities. Vredestein have also continued their run of good results with a very strong second place for the Wintrac Pro. This tyre is significantly cheaper than the premium winter tyres in the UK, so is probably the best choice if you need to save a few pounds.

The weekly UK publication Auto Express has just published their 2019 all season tyre test! This year Auto Express tested nine all season tyre patterns in 205/55 R16 using a VW Golf.

As in previous years, Auto Express have included a summer and winter tyre as reference. Shockingly, the summer Continental PremiumContact 5 was the best in dry overall, near the best in wet, and fell apart in snow. Things get more interesting when we compare the winter Continental WinterContact TS860 to the all season tyres on test.

It's winter testing time, and as always, Auto Bild are leading the way! Following on from the 53 winter tyre shoot-out, Auto Bild have taken the top twenty 225/45 R17 tyres through to the full test, along with a summer tyre as reference. Each set of tyres has been tested in the dry, wet and snow using a RWD BMW 1 Series, and Auto Bild are one of the few publications which test for wear. It's an exciting test! (if you're into tyres...)

Following on from the All Season tyre market overview, Auto Bild have published their winter version of the shootout style braking test.

For the winter test, Auto Bild have tested 53 winter tyres in 225/45 R17 in wet and snow braking. The two braking distances are combined, and the top twenty tyres go through to a full test covering all aspects of a tyres performance.

For the first time in 2020, Tyre Reviews will be performing its own all season tyre test, but until then, the Auto Bild all season tyre test is the best you can get! Testing ten sets of all season tyres in 225/45 R17 using a BMW 1 Series, and including a summer and winter tyre as reference, Auto Bild have done as thorough a job as ever for their 2019 all season tyre test.

The most notable performances follow the trends other tests have shown during 2019. The new Bridgestone WeatherControl A005 couldn't deliver on the foundations laid by the strong wet and dry braking performance in the shootout test, finishing ninth overall due to a very average snow performance, but more importantly for UK drivers, very high wear.

This year the German motoring organisation ADAC have tested sixteen winter tyres in the popular 185/65 R15.

With summer sadly coming to an end, now is a great time to start thinking about switching to all season or winter tyre options.

To help this purchase decision, the excellent German publication Auto Bild publish the results of their pre-tests, in order to select the best all season tyres to send through to their full all season tyre test.

This year Auto Bild have tested 31 all season tyres in 225/45 R17 in wet and dry braking, and the top ten will go through to the full test due next month.

2019 AMS Winter SUV Tyre Test

Warning, lots of data ahead! For the 2019 winter, Auto Motor und Sport have tested eleven of the best winter tyres in the 215/55 R17 crossover SUV size.

The biggest plus of this test is the sheer amount of data they've produced, as they've rated the tyres both objectively and subjectively in a lot of categories.

Earlier this year Auto Bild published their 2019 SUV all season tyre test, using an Audi Q3 wearing the popular 235/55 R19 all season tyre size.

As usual, all seven tyre patterns were tested in the dry, wet and snow, and as a reference, Auto Bild included a premium summer and winter tyre.

7 of the best all season tyres

All season tyres try to be a tyre without compromise, but does such tyre exist? In this latest video I take a look at exactly how good all season tyres are in 2018, and seven of the best tyres in the all season category.

This video does not cover any summer or winter tyres options, so if you feel like you might need a different tyre setup, check out our "best tyre type for winter driving" video first.

If you have any further questions once you’ve watched the video, head on over to the YouTube comment sections, or ask below and I’ll do my best to answer.