Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5

Dry Grip 94%
Wet Grip 94%
Road Feedback 89%
Handling 92%
Wear 89%
Comfort 83%
Buy again 89%

The Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 is a Max Performance Summer tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Car

This tyre replaced the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3

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Tyre review data from 93 tyre reviews averaging 90% over 313,511 miles driven.


Latest Group Test Results

2020 Tyre Market Overview Braking Test - 6th of 49 tyres

2020 ADAC 18 Inch Summer Tyre Test - 3rd of 16 tyres

  • Positive - Very balanced, particularly good in the dry, low fuel consumption
  • Negative - None mentioned
  • Overall - Highly Recommended

2020 Auto Bild Summer Tyre Test - 1st of 20 tyres

  • Positive - Sporty handling tyres in the wet and dry, precise steering, short braking distances, very good mileage, affordable price.
  • Negative - None mentioned.
  • Overall - Exemplary.
Size Fuel Wet Noise Weight
205/40 R17 84W XL   E A 72 7.88kgs
215/40 R17 87Y XL   E A 72 8.50kgs
245/40 R17 95Y XL   E A 71 9.60kgs
245/40 R17 91Y XL   E A 71 9.60kgs
205/45 R17 88V XL   E A 71 8.36kgs
205/45 R17 88W XL   E A 71 8.36kgs
205/45 R17 88Y XL   E A 71 8.36kgs
215/45 R17 91Y XL   E A 70 8.76kgs
215/45 R17 87Y XL   E A 70 9.00kgs
225/45 R17 94Y XL   C A 70 9.50kgs
225/45 R17 94Y XL   A B 70 9.00kgs
225/45 R17 91Y XL   E A 70 9.50kgs
235/45 R17 94Y XL   E A 70 9.48kgs
235/45 R17 97Y XL   C A 71 9.48kgs
245/45 R17 95Y XL   E A 70 9.68kgs
205/50 R17 93Y XL   E A 70 8.80kgs
225/50 R17 98Y XL         10.47kgs
225/50 R17 98Y XL   C A 70 10.47kgs
225/50 R17 94Y XL   E A 70 11.57kgs
225/55 R17 97Y XL   C A 71 9.95kgs
225/55 R17 97Y XL   C A 71 11.74kgs
235/55 R17 103Y XL   C A 71 12.26kgs
245/55 R17 106H XL MO-V A B 71 17.00kgs
225/35 R18 87W XL   E A 71 9.60kgs
245/35 R18 92Y XL   E A 72 9.43kgs
255/35 R18 94Y XL   E A 72 10.23kgs
265/35 R18 97Y XL   C A 71 10.49kgs
275/35 R18 99Y XL   C A 73 11.09kgs
225/40 R18 92Y XL AO C A 71 9.44kgs
225/40 R18 92Y XL   E A 71 9.00kgs
235/40 R18 95Y XL   C A 70 9.67kgs
245/40 R18 97Y XL   C A 70 9.77kgs
245/40 R18 93Y XL   E A 70 11.96kgs
225/45 R18 91Y XL   B A 70 9.36kgs
225/45 R18 95Y XL FIAT JEEP B B 71 9.49kgs
225/45 R18 95Y XL   E A 70 12.40kgs
225/45 R18 95Y XL   C A 71 9.52kgs
235/45 R18 98Y XL         10.69kgs
235/45 R18 98Y XL   C A 71  
245/45 R18 100Y XL   C A 71 10.02kgs
255/45 R18 103Y XL   C A 72 11.25kgs
255/45 R18 103Y XL   C A 72 11.77kgs
255/45 R18 99Y XL   E A 72 11.25kgs
215/50 R18 92W XL         10.00kgs
235/50 R18 101H XL   B A 69 12.47kgs
235/50 R18 101Y XL         11.75kgs
235/50 R18 101Y XL   C A 72 11.13kgs
225/60 R18 104Y XL   C A 71 11.80kgs
255/30 R19 91Y XL   C A 73 9.90kgs
285/30 R19 98Y XL   C A 73 11.49kgs
225/35 R19 88Y XL   C A 71 9.20kgs
235/35 R19 91Y XL   C A 71 9.58kgs
245/35 R19 93Y XL   C A 71 9.96kgs
255/35 R19 96Y XL   C A 71 10.30kgs
275/35 R19 100Y XL   C A 73 11.51kgs
225/40 R19 93Y XL   B A 69 9.58kgs
235/40 R19 96Y XL         11.79kgs
235/40 R19 96Y XL   E A 72 10.33kgs
245/40 R19 98Y XL   C A 72 12.23kgs
255/40 R19 100Y XL   C A 72 11.31kgs
225/45 R19 96W XL   B C 70 12.25kgs
225/45 R19 96W XL   C A 71 9.81kgs
235/45 R19 99H XL   B B 70 10.88kgs
245/45 R19 102Y XL   C A 72 13.94kgs
255/30 R20 92Y XL   E A 72 10.51kgs
265/30 R20 94Y XL   E A 72 10.92kgs
285/30 R20 99Y XL   C A 73 12.10kgs
285/30 R20 99Y XL   C A 73 12.10kgs
265/35 R20 99Y XL   C A 73 11.71kgs
295/35 R20 105Y XL   C A 73 16.00kgs
255/40 R20 101Y XL   C A 72 12.91kgs
235/45 R20 100W XL   C A 71 10.58kgs
295/25 R21 96Y XL   E A 73 12.15kgs
245/30 R21 91Y XL   E A 71 8.00kgs
255/30 R21 93Y XL   C A 73 11.56kgs
245/35 R21 96Y XL   C A 72 10.83kgs
265/40 R21 105Y XL   C A 72 16.41kgs
315/30 R22 107Y XL   C A 73 15.00kgs
265/40 R22 106Y XL   C A 72 15.00kgs

Questions and Answers for the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5

2019-03-16 - How is sidewall stiffness, steering response and precision characteristics of this comparing to Falken Azenis FK510, Michelin Pilot Sport 4 (not S), Conti PremiumContact 6 ? Thank you.

I am testing the Asymmetric 5 against the PC6 (and Asym 3) next week, keep an eye on youtube for the video :)

2019-04-05 - Merc E350 amg coupe 2015. The front and rear have different size tyres. The asymmetric 5 make a size to fit the rear, but not the front. Any problems with asymmetric 5 on the rear and asymmetric 3 on the front?

While it's not ideal, there's no problem to run that combination of Asym 3 and Asym 5.

2019-04-21 - do you think the correct tire pressure for 225/45 r17 91Y PS? (vehicle: dsg golf 1.2 2015 110hp)

The tyre pressure for the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 is vehicle and load specific. The correct tyre pressure for your vehicle can usually be found on a sticker in the door shut of the driver's door, or in the manufacturer's handbook.

2019-05-29 - Does anyone know if / when Goodyear will release a 205/40r17 in the Asymmetric 5. Currently using the Asymmetric 3 but this tyre size has now been discontinued. Also looking for it in a 225/45r19 again just recently discontinued in the Asymmetric 3 range.

Both 205/40 17 and 225/45 19 are now available in Asymmetric 5, so you should be able to find them in the marketplace :)

2019-06-21 - When will 255/30/19 and 265/30/19 sizes be released within the UK please?

The Eagle Asymmetric 5 in size 255/30R19 is now on sale it was released earlier this month. It looks like Goodyear wonít be producing the tyre in size 265/30R19 as they havenít produced an Eagle Asymmetric tyre in that size since the Goodyear Eagle Asymmetric 2.

2019-09-10 - Can't decide between these ASM5 and Michelin PS4. My my top requirements is Comfort, Wet and Dry Stopping performance, Aquaplaning and Wear rate. the PS4 is now quite a bit more expensive, so that is also a factor. To be fitted to an Audi A6 Avant 255/35/19

There there is a big difference in price, I would go for the Goodyear as the two tyres are very close in all other aspects.

2019-11-10 - Deciding between the standard ASM5 or the ASM5 XL 225/45R17. prices are the same but the XL boasts better fuel economy according to the labelling, however will the ride quality suffer due to the reinforced tyre? are there any reasons not to go with the XL variant? or are the differences relatively unnoticeable?

The differences between the non-XL and XL versions of tyres are usually very small, and in some cases, they're actually the same tyre. As these have different label scores, there are differences in the tyre for the Asymmetric 5, but I wouldn't let that put you off the XL version as they're likely to be small.

2019-11-29 - Will these be ok on an Audi A5 quattro or is it best to stick to RO tyres? If RO is best what would you recommend?

I'd have no problems putting an aftermarket version of the Asymmetric 5 on an Audi.

2020-03-05 - I have a VW caddy maxi with 19inch wheels with Goodyear Eagle 1 asymmetric 5 (225 /35 ) what should the tyre pressure be ??

The tyre pressure for the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 is vehicle and load specific. The correct tyre pressure for your vehicle can usually be found on a sticker in the door shut of the driver's door, or in the manufacturer's handbook.

2020-03-26 - Does anyone know if the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 also in runflat (ROF) version available is? Size 225/55 R17.

I believe as of writing (April 2020) only the Asymmetric 3 is available in runflat in 225/55 R17.

2020-04-02 - I am looking for the GY F1 Asym5 for my 2008 Lexus gs450h. Lexus recommends 245 40 r18 93 y. But is it better to go with the 97 xl as the car has 345 horsepower? Or is the difference too small?

Fitting the higher load rated Goodyear Eagle Asymmetric 5 is perfectly legal, and while the differences might be small between the 93 and 97 load rating tyres, there's no disadvantages if you're looking for improved handling.

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225/40 R18 £78.00 - £96.80 (12 Prices) Compare Prices >>
225/45 R17 £71.30 - £93.99 (28 Prices) Compare Prices >>
225/45 R18 £97.80 - £159.19 (35 Prices) Compare Prices >>
225/50 R17 £94.40 - £117.73 (26 Prices) Compare Prices >>
245/35 R19 £155.00 - £168.39 (10 Prices) Compare Prices >>
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Top Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 Review

Given 100% while driving a BMW 3 (225/50 R18) on mostly motorways for 5,000 spirited miles
I have had fitted in my BMW and they are absolutely great. Precise steering, great on wet and excellent on dry roads.
466 - tyre reviewed on January 1, 2019   

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Given 93% while driving a Mazda Mazda 3 MPS Luxury (225/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 0 average miles
Went from the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 on my 2008 Mazda 3 MPS, the Goodyear's have much better road feedback, dry and wet grip is similar, though I'd give the edge to the Goodyear in the dry and the Michelin in the wet. I have also had the Michelin Pilot Super Sport, and the Goodyear feel righ in between a Super Sport and a PS4. Also has a much better sidewall, very thick, so if you want to protect those rims, this is much better option. It just feels much better than the Michelin, you feel the road more, and it feel like you have more control, excellent comfort and noise, and very good price point. Not as floaty and vague as the Michelin's. If you're thinking between the two which to get, the Goodyear's 100%, haven't tested. wear yet, but apparently it's very good. So far great tyre. Very impressed.
1 - tyre reviewed on October 11, 2020   
Given 81% while driving a BMW E46 330i (225/45 R17 W) on a combination of roads for 2,000 average miles
Was looking for a premium SPORTS tyre and chosing between Michelin Pilot Sport 4 and Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymetric 5. As Jonanthan (TyreReviews) pointed out in one of his videos PS4 is less sporty. I would even add that PS4 has softer tyre contact patch as oposed to Asymetric 5. In my experience Asymetric 5 is a very good summer tyre. Rain/aquaplaning no problem. Noise OK. Comfort levels high - road bumps are absorbed easily. In terms of how sporty the tyre is there are mixed feelings. On one hand its reactions to steering input are quick and the car feels agile on the other hand the feedback sadly is muted (previously had Toyo tyre set with very hard sidewall/low comfort but very good feedback)and this significantly reduces overall feeling of the tyre . Not sure if high sidewall (225/45/R17) is to blame but at least in my configuration Asymetric 5 feels like top level touring tyre with some sport credentials due to this I prefer to have moderate driving as oposed to spirited driving style. When replacement is due I will look for a tyre with more rigid sidewall for a better feedback.
1 - tyre reviewed on October 7, 2020   
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Given 93% while driving a BMW 530 D Sport Touring (225/35 R19 V) on mostly motorways for 900 average miles
Rim protection, non runflat, good comfort, maybe more noisy than p7 but like it a lot
0 - tyre reviewed on October 5, 2020   
Given 97% while driving a BMW 1 series (225/40 R18 W) on a combination of roads for 7,000 spirited miles
Phenomenal tyre on both dry and wet, drove them from 5c to 40c without issues. On direct sun on 35c after hard driving tyre just keeps getting better and better zero overheating all of that on really tight roads. After 10000km tread still looks like new. Best tyre I ever had fitted to my car in 30 years.
1 - tyre reviewed on October 2, 2020   
Given 86% while driving a Volkswagen Sharan SE 2.0TDi (225/45 R18 W) on a combination of roads for 2,000 spirited miles
Having had budgets at front and pirelli cinterato p7 at the back when I brought the car, I would have just changed fronts to pirelli as they are a branded tyre but the ride was too hard and wasn't very sporty for my driving style. I like confidence inspiring tyres as I can imagine running late on a very wet motorway and having confidence to push ahead. Probably because I also came from an audi rs4 b7 to a sharan lol so wanted good tyres. I searched for 3 months using tyrereviews website and videos. I ended up settling for the goodyear Eagle f1 ass 5s all round. So what do I think. When I had them delivered them the rubber was very sticky which is a good thing as the description mentions "extra silica load" as soon as they were fitted and I put my food down I had wheel spin and was shocked but then I left them to run in and now its much better for a front wheel drive. Or I could say damaging to the car as there is a hell of a lot of grip and car is trying to push along and the grip is keeping tyres from spinning which puts pressure on the clutch not to mention lateral grip around bends is a lot and feels like I may be braking the car as if the body is twisting around a fast roundabout and the grip is all on the road. I feel the tyres are too good for the car lol. Now the not so nice bits. Firsty I noticed a 5mpg drop in fuel economy which is pretty bad. Also the steering isn't very sporty and precise and pointy as I wanted. Shame conti sport contact 6 aren't in 18" as I had these tyres on my rs4 in 19" and liked the pointy sharp steering unless its the car thats at fault. The active braking technology that according to the goodyear advert says that the rubber expands in the road when braking to increase rubber to road contact, not sure but I definitely don't feel a better stopping wheras I did with the red chilli technology on the contis again it could be the car. I would recommend the tyre for confidence driving when going fast but if you are not a fast driver then any good tyre will work for you on a vw sharan I wouldn't recommend it for better mpg though. Minimal road noise. Road imperfections are medium as you still feel bumps but a little rounded just like tyrereviews said, sort of in the middle of the range in that regard but better than the pirellis I replaced which when you run your hand over the tread feels quite plasticky and the goodyear definitely rubbery which is a good thing. My only other gripe is that the asymmetric design i.e. each rib along the tread pattern is felt in the steering as you turn and feels a bit spongy, maybe its because its new and thicker tread but again when i had conti sport contact 6 on my rs4 it felt superior from new. Overall I would probably try a continental sport contact tyre next.
1 - tyre reviewed on September 26, 2020   

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